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  1. Lindall, I’ve done the math and having seven premium accounts, even if I spent all of the stipend, wouldn’t be much more than what I spent last year with only one premium account. Keeping seven mesh avis up to snuff is expensive!
  2. So you’re saying that all interested parties need to contribute their allowance to the group before the land is purchased and can’t be contributed to the group after the land is purchased? I’ll explain what I’m going after initially. I have a parcel that’s 3,xxx m². I only have one premium account right now so I pay $13 a month more to maintain this piece of land. I’ve done the math and having two more premium accounts would actually save me a lot of money if they could contribute to that land tier eliminating the $13 a month and factoring in the stipend. I did even more math and seeing that I
  3. If seven premium members contribute their land allowance to a group and that group acquires a parcel maximizing that 7x 1024 sqm + 10% (7,844 sqm) would I still be charged $7.00 a month because it’s just shy of the 8,129 sqm 1/8 region category? Or are we simply charged in multiples of 1024 sqm and wouldn’t pay any extra as long as we stayed within 7,844 sqm?
  4. Yes, I have Spectrum in NorCal. I can get on SL now. I assume they've fixed it for everyone. In the meantime I watched hours of a guy play The Forest on YouTube. That's a cool game! P.S. I don't know how you launched a support ticket. I couldn't login to any SL pages.
  5. Ok, thanks. I just called my ISP. Tech support recording said they are experiencing problems with certain websites in my area.
  6. I was playing Linden Realms, got stuck in quicksand and hit the back arrow. The viewer froze, SL logged me out and ever since I cannot login under any of my accounts with either Firestorm or the SL viewer nor can I access the SL website which includes the support site from either Chrome or IE. All the rest of my internet works perfectly. SL isn't blocked in Windows Defender. It would seem SL has blocked my entire IP range not just a single address as I've tried my wireless and wired connections each of which have its own IP address and I get the same result with both.
  7. I can't really explain why I don't care for furries. Most times I see one what comes to mind is, "why?" I just don't get it. And when I ask one they can't ever give a conclusive answer. A lot of them seem to be into vore. Seems something more in the realm of a big, scary lycan like Niramyth's would be more desirable to be eaten by but no, a cartooney-humanoid-animal is what is favored. And trying to make them sexy is even a bigger, "why?". I just don't get it and nobody seems to be willing to give a straight answer. I certainly don't inherently dislike the person behind the avi because they l
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