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  1. I did include Geralt and Altamura in my count of five, but I forgot about Ex machina David (they just came out with a new head and body combo after all! Saw it on Flickr). Niramyth, I forgot about too... Adam, yes, there is also the Eve body they made too. TMP Legacy, true, both female and male... So that'd make it about 10 which is fairly equal then... Gosh, there is more out there! I'm probably going to include Niramyth as well. And Geralt. But there is still the lack of male clothing out there for the guys! I'll probably do the main bodies as there is a lack of clothing all around in general but include the others as well... Female List of 'Niche' - Hourglass, Physique, Belleza (All Three?), Sig Alice Unfortunately no Legacy as of yet till they email me back. They lack some clothing but its picking up it seems. I might do Tonic too as I heard several people in a Discord like Tonic. Male List of Niche - Jake, Gianni, Slink, Niramyth (need to search them up), and Geralt. Perhaps the David body too? Some research still needed to get those male dev kits!
  2. Never done Caspervend as I'm on MP strictly right now (hoping for in-world store at some point) but how I do my thing is I make a copy for every folder/box planned for selling before dropping it into the MP listing on the viewer. Under Avatar in your viewer, there is 'Marketplace Listings' where you drop your object/folder in for selling on MP. It WILL take that folder, no matter the permissions. So make a copy or two beforehand to keep it on hand. Again, have no experience with caspervend, so unsure how to go about getting things out of it... Just make sure you ALWAYS have a copy or two on hand before dropping it into Caspervends or MP dropbox listing.
  3. How do you... even leave a review anyways? There's like.. no survery or form for 'reviews'. What I'm getting at is that I can't state a simple dislike or unpopular opinion and WHY I dislike it when it was asked because its supposed 'smearing'. Whatever, I'm just not gonna reply to you anymore cause its a hassle, don't really care what people think of my opinion on something, and its my choice whether i like something or not.
  4. I bought it six months or so before I found out about other bodies actually. How does disliking and my reasoning why I dislike smearing them? They asked for my opinion that may be unpopular and I stated my unpopular opinion on Maitreya. Stated my dislike for it and why I dislike it. I didn't go out and say you should or should not buy Maitreya. Buy it and use it if you want, I'm just not rigging or creating things for it to focus on other bodies that people use.
  5. I really like them! The specular is beautiful, the teeth, the moods... I wish they still the 'Spiceh!' one! That one was my absolute fav, and while some moods got the tongue, it lasts entirely for too long. The sliders, omfg, they are FANTASTIC. I can get all sorts of shapes! Here is my character Ai Mao with Lelutka Nova! With the Aiko skin from Go&See that WAS made for Genus but the system skin it came with turned out just fine on her! Using some Avoixs makeup, Izzie's blushes... Lipstick was created by yours truly~ Windlight is Places Wicca to show off the shine effect. She's ALL BOM (yes the eyes too!)
  6. Unpopular Opinion of Mine (that will probably get some arguments out!) I... REALLY dislike Maitreya and have no plans of rigging for it and only for other bodies as a 'niche'. This is due to for RPing that if a clothing piece I like suits my character (like kimonos or lolita fashion), I legit feel forced to wear that mesh body because of the whole 'exclusive' to Maitreya thing when... it's not that great anymore. I prefer Belleza and Slink. I want my kimonos and lolita and all sorts of fantasy gear to those! But like.. it doesn't support materials/specular... Like those fancy shines on Legacy, Belleza... SLINK (who has a friggin GLOW feature on layers which is pretty badass!)? Yep, can't do those. I don't like the shape of Maitreya either with that awful thigh gap it has. Unless they have a major revamp/update, expect me to not like Maitreya even though it was my first body. (They haven't even updated since I got the body over a YEAR ago! Just a BOM relay..) There, that is my unpopular opinion which I'm for SURE is unpopular. XD
  7. If I do work more with clothing, what is the opinion of this? I'm thinking, if rigging for clothing, that I would be exclusive to these bodies. These bodies being... Belleza (Mostly Freya, but I will support Venus and Isis as well) Signature Alice Slink Hourglass and Physique These are for the female bodies however. Male clothing (as I do want to cover the males!) will be for Signature Gianni - Belleza Jake - Slink Male; as there isn't a whole plethora of mesh bodies for them unlike with female bodies where I name a whole bunch off the top of my head! Sig Alice - Maitreya - Belleza Freya, Venus, Isis - Ruth - Kemono can be turned female - Slink Hourglass, Physique - Yetement's BBL - Altamura - TMP Legacy Thats all the bodies I can think of that are out there! 12 bodies! While men have just... five! (Geralt and Altamura is counted in) Mains of Female; Maitreya - Belleza Freya - Slink - Legacy. Mains of Males; Gianni and Jake (I have not seen a slink male... maybe ONCE). My thinking is that if I make clothing that is not focused on Maitreya, will first; be a good niche; and secondly; the lack of support for these bodies is overwhelming. A whole lot of designers are exclusive to Maitreya and don't support the rest out there. In the fashion forum, I had asked what their preferred body is and from I understand people prefer the maitreya simply because of clothing options... nothing about the shape, complexity, or anything. Just clothing options! And personally, I find it annoying. I have been forced at times to wear Maitreya simply because of this as I'm an RPer and enjoy the other bodies (Hourglass and Freya) way more than Maitreya. But the darn clothing options being only for Maitreya when the clothing suits my character; hence FORCING me to wear Maitreya! Hence giving me MORE of a reason to NOT rig for Maitreya and focus on other bodies! So that way there is more options for these bodies! So my niche in making clothing (and makeup because I do enjoy makeup making) is probably going to be a little all of the place to cover these bodies in what I deemed is needed. But it will primarily be a fantasy (low and high), victorian, Japanese-inspired, medieval... Generally fantasy-ish. Overall, with this in mind, what is your opinion on a designer such as myself focusing on other bodies that are not Maitreya? Is it a loss of customers or will it still do well? PS. Sorry if I seemed a bit ranty about Maitreya! It's getting a little on my nerves about how I am forced to wear a certain mesh body for my RPs..
  8. This would indeed make things easier! Especially if you're someone (like me) who sells gacha AND create stuff Would be nice to be able to separate the two, indeed.
  9. Looking for exclusive, custom made makeup? Well you've come to the right place! I'm Fantasia (Muiregwen Resident), Owner of Moon.Order. I work with rigging clothing as well as makeup (though I'm thinking makeup is my primary as I'm having lots of fun with it!)! I also make shapes. Portfolio - https://www.flickr.com/photos/162145325@N08/ I'm a beginner (as in I have an posable orb, two lips, and a pair of shoes) but I would like to start working more often with customers and getting a bit of exposure. ~~~ RATES Basic Lipcolor (per color) - 50L (25L paid upfront) Eyeshadow (per color) - 100L (50L paid upfront) Whole Face (Basic Lipcolor, Eyeshadow, Tattoo, Warpaint, etc) - 250L (125L paid upfront) ~~~ PACKAGES Fatpack Lipcolor (five colors) - 200L (100L paid upfront) Fatpack Eyeshadow (five colors) - 400L (200L upfront) Fatpack of Whole Face (five colors) - 750L (375L upfront) ~~~ - Half is paid upfront to cover the costs of uploading! - If more than five colors, there will be a surcharge. - Explain what colors you want and what style of choice. Images can be given to help articulate what you wish for. More Details; Better the Makeup! - Please specify what head (Classic SL, Genus, Catwa, Lelutka, AK, etc) you have. I will provide a simple OMEGA applier to work across all your heads and a BOM applier. - As a kind of a beginner (as I have practiced extensively) please do not expect materials/specular. ~~~ For your orders please send me a message or IM me inworld at Fantasia (Muiregwen Resident)!
  10. Unfortunately, there is nothing more than the simple editor (I have heard of these butt/breasts enchancers however though I'm not sure how they work!). I've made shapes to sell and I just use the simple editor just fine. You can react all sorts of shapes from it. Especially with Belleza Freya, I've made skinny, I've made heavyweight, I've even made in-between. There are limits to each body, yes, same with the heads. They are all made for different things after all, with a different weighting to the mesh body.. And one saying that it should fine unless sliders are in the extremes, even then, the sliders shouldn't pose a problem to the clothing IF MADE WELL and WEIGHTED CORRECTLY. I have had my sliders to the extreme with little problems with clothing aka leg muscles, breasts, torso, etc all maxed out. I have one character who is THICC AF on Belleza Freya and clothes fit fine. It might just be the clothing's problems... Like the clothing you have isn't compatible like it isn't a bento/fitmesh clothing piece made for the specific body or the weights are done incorrectly as in they either use the weights of the classic SL body or the weights are inverted, etc, etc... In short, sliders to the extreme shouldn't do anything unless the weighting of the clothing is not like it should be (which is a whole can of worms to open due to so many reasons..). And no, there is no other tool than the simple sliders in SL. EDIT: I just realized this is a month old but I hope i helped? XD
  11. You might wanna put in a new thread and get opinions there as this is a whole different topic from what I was asking. ^^ This is about preferred mesh bodies so I can get better ideas (though I wish the whole Maitreya thing wasn’t just about the massive amounts of clothing for it... personally makes me design more clothing that aren’t for Maitreya.). Anyways. Please put this in a new thread and thank you!
  12. I'd like to get everyone's opinions, as a designer, what mesh body they use and prefer ~ What I have currently in my Dev Kit Files is.. - Maitreya - Slink (HG, Physique, and Male) - Signature (Gianni and Alice) - Belleza (All four aka Freya, Venus, Isis, Jake) ~ Can start looking for.. - Tonic - Ebody - Yetement's BBL - Kemono ~~~~~ I KNOW there is a survey out there saying popular bodies and heads. But it's 2020, there are other bodies now. Alice had a major update, and out came Legacy (which I, unfortunately, do not have the Dev kit for...). BBL has come out as well. There is also the fact that fashion trends change in mesh bodies and mesh heads. This is to determine which I should start out at as a beginning creator. My personal taste is Legacy, Slink (HG) and Belleza (my most likely unpopular opinion about Maitreya will probably get me some haters! But I absolutely despise Maitreya! Not for rigging but because of the darn structure of the body and the lack of updates! But mostly the structure of it annoys me! Hence why I have it [was my first] but I never use it anymore... even though for some of my clothing I have to! It's annoying to be forced to wear the body at times simply because an outfit fits my character! Anyways, rant done. My apologies.) as I absolutely love them. Belleza is a PAIN to rig for other bodies however due to its A-Pose rigging but I still love the look and feel and how the sliders work! ❤️ Anyways, lemme know what you prefer to use in mesh bodies! I would like to know for the future of my store and the branding of it once I'm able to get clothing up more often~
  13. Oooh really? I do have GIMP! Did not know that actually, thank you! Thats very useful to know!
  14. Aaah, okay dokie! Thank you anyways! Was wondering if there was one anyways.
  15. Does anyone have any updated maps? I got a 2005 jpg map that is 1024px by 1024px buuuut.... I'm not sure how 'updated' it is. For pete's sake, I just cannot find any good one unless I get a creator's kit from Maitreya or something! I know I have to get Genus UV maps from their store because they don't go by standard UV map apparently.. The lipsticks I made that fit perfectly on Lelutka and Catwa, don't fit on Genus heads! Ends up looking like the lipstick got smeared down. But I have a good head UV map, I just need nice, updated, **PNG** (not PSD I do not have a way to open those in other programs.. I do not have Photoshop and JPG is a bit on the lower quality side) UV maps for the body. I need a PNG body UV to import into Procreate (on iPad, so I can have an easier time) and GIMP (for any touch ups!). So if anyone has any good ones to share or a site to direct me to, can I please use them?
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