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  1. Hello! i’m Muiregwen and I opened a shop where I sell my art on the marketplace called Sapphire Raven. I am also looking for people to critique my work as I would like to know what would people like and don’t like. I also have a deviantart you can look through and check out my work as my portfolio to see what I do for commissions Deviantart Portfolio: https://www.deviantart.com/iisapphireravenii Marketplace; https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/210247 I am also taking commissions ranging from 600 to 1000 per piece depending on what you want. I use digital art mediums on a tablet to do my work. How I work is I get half upfront and once you receive the piece, the rest will be paid. This is to cover the costs of uploading and materials. What you will be sent is the texture and a frame with said texture to hang on your wall. 600 - Pattern, Galaxy, Print texture and frame, fully colored 700 - Headshot texture and frame, black and white 800 - Headshot texture and frame, fully colored 900 - Full body texture and frame, black and white 1000 - Full body texture and frame, fully colored. Please send a notecard with your IM to me (Muiregwen Resident) of what you want done, colors, bust, pattern, etc. If there is a fully body shot wanting to be done, please tell me what pose you would like. If you want your avatar done, please send a photo of yourself and if possible, in the pose you would like it to be done in. Example Work (Please Critque): Thank you and hope enjoy my art!
  2. I now have a market shop for my artwork! My marketplace shop is called Sapphire Raven. Come look at my art and perhaps get some for your home in SL! Sapphire Raven: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/210247 I am also doing commission art for 400-600 depending on what you like. That a look at my deviantart also called Sapphire Raven at the link above this post. 400 for patterns and galaxy and simple designs, 600 for more complicated, cartoon/anime rendition of a person, such as your SL avatar. If you wish to have your avatar drawn, please send me a image of them at Muiregwen Resident and what pose you would like to have them in. If possible send the image of your avatar in the pose you would like them in. Thank you!
  3. Not sure about a band manager as I don’t have that sort of capability nor requirements. I wish I could help but sorry... Please IM me (Muiregwen/Muiregwen Resident) for a position if you are looking for host, dancer, in a moderated setting. Or if it is a paid roleplay position for a job in a city or office worker. Or perhaps a digital artist as I am a student/hobbyist in that field looking for a bit of commission. On an added note, I am starting to sell artwork. Depending on what you need, my rates may change, but for now I offer commisions for 400-600 lindins to cover time and texture uploading costs as well as a frame. You check out my deviantart to see what I do (I upload once a day), to see my work. What I upload and more os available for buy in SL as well and not just etsy and deviantart. I can migrate my work to such, just please ask. I will soon open a marketplace shop and will put in a link eventually for it once set up fully. https://www.deviantart.com/iisapphireravenii I can do space theme, midcentury modern theme, or any general patterns requested for 400 while full/partial/headshot drawings in ‘anime’ style is 600. I am broadening my horizons in art and can offer a more realistic approach, being that I am an art student in college. And if you happen to read this and have a gallery, please contact me if you would be interested in displaying my art for some outreach. Some art below: .
  4. Hello, I am looking for a job as a host or dancer. Preferably in a moderated club and not adult, as I am not looking for adult, sexy style sort of things. I don’t have much social skills, but I am working on it the more I am playing. I feel like I could be a good host and dancer as I continue working! As of right now, I can work most hours until August 16th when college starts back and I am going on vacation in a few days from the time of this post and be back on July 8th. So if anyone is hiring one of these two types of jobs in a less adult, more moderated area, please let me know I will get in contact soon. (: Pay is not an issue but I would like to not have it lower than 50L$ per hour and including tips, be it a small percentage or big percentage. Just wish for a job that pays better than free offers and fishing and such. And I’d think I’d have fun with it too! Again, thank you for anyone who guides me to a good job and I will contact the person soon! Edited; and perhaps any job like retail. As long as it is not adult activites such as an escort and stripper. i prefer not to work those sorts jobs.
  5. Okay. Thank you for clarifying those two things. Especially the payment thing, as I had read about it, but it still confused me a little in terms of limits, buying, and transferring. Like I had said, I was only looking for L$ and not US$, so right now, transferring is not an issue.
  6. My question is, since people don’t have to buy land, and some people can’t as they don’t have the money, is it okay to make what you want to sell in a sandbox and then upload to marketplace? I understand no selling in sandboxes, which is fine with me, but does this include making items you want to sell in the future and to upload to the market place? Again, no actual marketing and selling items /in/ the sandbox, just making said item. I wanted to ask before uploading textures and making the frame and such, so I don’t do something that is not allowed and then get kicked. Obviously, because that is not preferable. I have to wait to be five days old, that’s fine, but I have a plan of making art pieces and decorations (paintings). And yes, I understand that it hardly pays and it is difficult, but I am looking to make L$ not US$. I just thought it’d be fun and maybe get a little bit of exposure for when I sell my real life work. There is also the question of do I absolutely have to pay for L$ with US$ before selling things in the marketplace? I know I need link a paypal account (just one of the options I chose and prefer), but do I have to pay for currency with that account instead of just linking it and start selling?
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