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  1. As someone said, it is an OBJ, not a collada, as SL's uploader takes only collada. So it may need to be brought into blender or your 3D modeling software and export it as collada. Then if you're still having that issue of dae parsing.. it is likely that there are too many quads/triangles that make it unable to upload.
  2. Gotcha. No demo heads for presentations. 👍 I got the general gist of it that people don’t like that! But I tested the shape on Babyface and I got a relatively the same look with it instead of the strange one. And yeah, I wish the neck seam wasn’t there but it could’t exactly be helped unless I wanted to present it on low settings where the seam wasn’t there. Which isn’t particularly ideal, so windlight it is. Okay. Yeah, I knew soft skins were a thing, especially popular amongst asian-like skin types. But I’ll try to fix the orange around the eyes (it looks better on darker tones I have prepared actually. So I guess I have to play with layer filters) Thank you
  3. I wasn’t exactly seeking praise. It came off as rude as well... it was criticism, yes, but nothing much on how I can improve on it and/or solutions. And yes, I do have a tablet actually, since I thought it would be good to have one for my work! Its even those ‘cintiq’ styled tablets (was only 250). Thank you though, the edit was actually more something useful than simply saying I needed to ‘practice’ and ‘work on it’. EDIT: i found skin brushes for Gimp that help with giving a ‘pores’ ‘freckled’ look.
  4. I suggest Amestate as starting out. It’s small but good and cheap in terms of the ratio between prims and weekly rental costs. It’s what I use for my store actually. I’m not sure how to generate traffic other than trying to get bloggers, pr, manager or something. Could try the Stay at Home Club where creators contribute a free gift to others. If you can afford them, traffic games as well...
  5. This is actually a common problem. How I know how the problem can be fixed by NOT using the sliders button or if there is a button that had something to do about binding to rest pose but that was a Avastar button in Avastar 1 (the nonbento) I’m not familiar with the Avastar for 2.8. I an basing it off of 2.79 Avastar.
  6. I think I know what you're talking about. It's a gacha item from Soap Berry called aqua-glass leg. It's a rare. https://gyazo.com/76fa78b444918233d382ecf596331984 The gyazo is the advert I screenshot off marketplace.
  7. I will agree some of them felt quite rude. Thank you for saying that about the learning and that it doesn’t hurt to release stuff; its very encouraging actually and make me inspired even! And that is a thing where I don’t exactly want to HD it up and make it look so fake too. I prefer keeping things mostly ‘unedited’.
  8. May I ask where can I find those? I'm not quite sure how to find those... Nor do I know a whole lot about that. From what it sounds like, it is a 3D model scan but ah... Again, I'm no sure how to find ones... Google Images or actual Blender files or Blender compatible files?
  9. Hello. I recently changed my store to a skins and tattoos store (was Moon.Order but now is Soleil et Lune), starting with normal hooman skins and having fantasy skins as well. I would like to see if anybody here has any tips or tricks in improving my skills! I use Autodesk Sketchbook (highly recommend for UV map painting and such! More tools than GIMP in painting... and it opens large files unlike GIMP where it has given me errors) for drawing/painting the skin. GIMP is used for any color changing, filters, adjustments, etc... I do not have Photoshop. It is quite pricy for me atm. I have attached a photo of my (currently) eyebrowless, latest skin, my fourth one. It is a huge step up from my first skin as this has highlights and blush and such. ALSO! Ignore the neckseam. Genus and Legacy aren't exactly the best combo due to material differences. It looks fine if I turn off advanced lighting, suggesting it is a materials thing. I was also told that most skin creators are using stock photos of real face and blending them with painted pieces. I absolutely despise this notion and I refuse to do that. I prefer to paint every detail of skins I make and NEVER use stock photos and morphs. It's a pride thing. Anyways, thoughts? Improvements? As long as it is constructive criticism and nothing like 'omg ur so bad at this' OH! And windlight is TOR MIDDAY - Rebranded Skies. If thats useful
  10. Uhm. As for the whole stock photo thing and blending and such, I really rather not... I don’t know, I rather have it truly painted and not some overlay of a real face. But thank you. I’ll practice more in terms of making everything painted and not some stock photo morph/overlay.
  11. Neck seam is due to Genus and Legacy not being exactly ‘compatible’. I haven’t had neck seam issues on Lelutka Evo, so it must be something between the materials difference. I tried to figure out how to fix it but alas, I cannot no matter what due to materials difference. As for the lighting, I was using a skinlight called Alpine But yeah, I will say I am learning.This is a huge step-up from my first skin (this skin is my... fourth? one). I am still learning how to use textures and highlights and blush. But personally, I love it. Probs because I made it so I’m biased and proud of it... The crease of the eyes and the nose are a huge improvement of my previous ones. But thank you for telling me that ❤️ I’ll try to work on it more.
  12. Yeah. I figured that. XD It was mostly the shape I was concerned about and the skin looked super cute on that specific head and shape. HOWEVER! I did achieve roughly the same look on Babyface (the skin and shape above was Strange001) https://gyazo.com/5802329eec47a9935c23fdf56b511522 The gyazo is on Genus Babyface001. Which some tweaks to the shape ofc, to make up any differences
  13. Picture of skin and shape made (eyebrows is part of a different skin I made). The product picture will likely look like this (with some editing but not on the face/skin area... Only to make it 'spiffy'. But yeah, is the cutouts of the demo and such not... good? for a product pic? Or is it fine?
  14. I’m curious as to what people think when a product picture of a shape or skin on a mesh head demo. Is it tacky, make people less likely to buy, etc? I made a shape and I also have a skin that looks absolutely beautiful with the shape, which the shape I want to include with the skin. So I’m curious how people feel when a skin and/or shape is using a mesh head demo on MP or any advert on SL and Flickr.
  15. While I do have a store (meshes and bom tattoo creator) to run, I would like to seek additional employment that preferably has a salary/hourly pay and not just tips. Mostly to be able to continue running my store (as in renting and uploads... maybe shopping, thats always a thing) Be it rentals (real estate), roleplaying a diner/restaurant/etc, hosting in a club... My only limits is I do not do voice at all, strip, or escorting. DJing I will have to learn as I have never done that before and will probably need help setting up a stream for your club. I am on SL for long periods of time (as of this moment until I gain RL employment). I am EST, so my hours are generally 4-5am SLT to 5-6pm SLT. I have little experience in rentals and hosting, but I roleplay quite a bit (mostly for fun), so I know how to emote, especially in a para-rp sense. I am also willing to learn and be trained and gain experience overtime. I can socialize easily amongst SLers and anyone really, and can stay calm and collected if anything gets tense when it comes to customer service. As appearance is concerned, I have a mesh head (catwa catya/blueberry/hanako/freya, Genus Strong/Baby/Gift, Lelutka Lake/Nova/Aida) and mesh body (maitreya/belleza/legacy classic and free version/slinkHG/alice), if that is relevant. I can make a professional avi suitable for employment (I have suits and professional attire in my inventory). I can provide gyazo's and screenshots of my avi (usually fantasy and etheral-like races (not furry, still human), but can make a completely human avi with no horns or tails or even wings.) Currently my avis usually consist of belleza freya or legacy with genus strong face/gift001 or Lelutka Evo head. Again, if asked, I will provide gyazos/screenshot of a avi that can be used for professional employment. If you have an available position (excluding dance/escort/voice/anything erotic) that is paid salary/hourly plus possibly commission/tips (will be honest, as long as its paid somehow) please contact me inworld or on forums. My 'calling card' is Fantasia (Muiregwen Resident).
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