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  1. Hi! I have decided to open my commissions once more! Specifically for custom tattoos! Portfolio - https://www.flickr.com/photos/162145325@N08/ If wanting a commission, please contact me inworld at Fantasia {Muiregwen Resident}. ~~~ Accepted in either Paypal or Linden (paid before finalized, but refunds can happen before the finalized stage) ~~~ Requirements - Examples, Clear Description of Design, Color, Materials or None, and what Portion of the Body (Head,Upper,Lower). What Body and Head you use will be extremely helpful as well. - About Five Da
  2. After testing, I found that I had to animate the SL base/deform bones and /NOT/ the animation bones (not including attachment point). As in REMOVING the animation bones fro the keyframes, but keeping the base and deform bones. Odd, but it'll do as it didn't deform the bones!
  3. For starters, I'm using blender 2.3 and the avastar I have is for 2.8 and above. My issue is this -> https://gyazo.com/ac2a631aa6a27d753ee4d8487bac4871 I used bone translation to animate the attachment bone, and it deforms the fingers. Without bone translation, it's fine but it doesn't animate the attachment bone as far as I'm aware. I know it is general discouraged to do this, but I don't know any other bone to do this sort of animation and way that ISN'T going to deform the body.. at least more so than this method apparently. I tried rigged and unrigged, to which it do
  4. I have plans, after demoing the MD Vendors to see how they worked, to switch over to the MD Vendors. I have it set up other than the previous in-world (not MP, though that would be nice as well) customers added to the new system. However, I don't have a clue how to do that! Does any one have experience in switching between these vendor systems (Casper to MD)? Particularly in methods of adding previous customers to the list in MD vendors. EDIT: I have already imported the file from Caspervend to MD, which imports the sales, but apparently not previous customers.
  5. Please Read the Requirements Before Filling Out https://forms.gle/PFgH6M1LZVGWfBi66 DEADLINE - December 7th, 2020 Store Detail --- Welcome to the application to become a regular blogger for Soleil et Lune! Soleil et Lune, or {SolEtLu}, is a fantasy, roleplay, magic store dealing with both mesh and BoM only 'appliers'. Soleil et Lune, (meaning Sun and Moon in French), was previously known as Moon.Order ({M.O}) that dealt with mesh amongst other things but has recently rebranded to {SolEtLu}. I (Fantasia {Muiregwen Resident}) am looking for five (5) bloggers to
  6. Little late to this, but I've used these breathing packs and they are nice. The ones I get are from Go&See and STUN Poses. Highly recommend those two.
  7. **ACTIVE FANTASY RPERS PLEASE** **DO NOT REPLY; IM IF NEEDED** Forms are at the bottom but it is VERY important to read everything as to what you are signing up for! More info ARE on the forms for sponsorship (as in costs, rewards, rental, etc) as well as job roles (what you do, experience, etc), so make sure you read those too! A Discord link to the sim are on the forms as well for extra planning and socializing (like you know, getting to know people and just having fun~). Anyways! The idea pitch to gather interest!~ \o/ ~~~ This project is to be able to open up a fan
  8. Seeking Five Bloggers for Soleil Et Lune! DEADLINE ~ July 23rd, 2020 Welcome to the application to become a regular blogger for Soleil et Lune! Soleil et Lune, or {SolEtLu}, is a skin, tattoo, and makeup store, delving into fantasy and roleplay skins and tattoos later on. Soleil et Lune, (meaning Sun and Moon in French), was previously known as Moon.Order ({M.O}) that dealt with mesh amongst other things but has recently rebranded to {SolEtLu}, only dealing with BoM skins, makeup, and tattoos. I (Fantasia {Muiregwen Resident}) am looking for five (5) bloggers to start bl
  9. As someone said, it is an OBJ, not a collada, as SL's uploader takes only collada. So it may need to be brought into blender or your 3D modeling software and export it as collada. Then if you're still having that issue of dae parsing.. it is likely that there are too many quads/triangles that make it unable to upload.
  10. Gotcha. No demo heads for presentations. 👍 I got the general gist of it that people don’t like that! But I tested the shape on Babyface and I got a relatively the same look with it instead of the strange one. And yeah, I wish the neck seam wasn’t there but it could’t exactly be helped unless I wanted to present it on low settings where the seam wasn’t there. Which isn’t particularly ideal, so windlight it is. Okay. Yeah, I knew soft skins were a thing, especially popular amongst asian-like skin types. But I’ll try to fix the orange around the eyes (it looks better on darker tones I have
  11. I wasn’t exactly seeking praise. It came off as rude as well... it was criticism, yes, but nothing much on how I can improve on it and/or solutions. And yes, I do have a tablet actually, since I thought it would be good to have one for my work! Its even those ‘cintiq’ styled tablets (was only 250). Thank you though, the edit was actually more something useful than simply saying I needed to ‘practice’ and ‘work on it’. EDIT: i found skin brushes for Gimp that help with giving a ‘pores’ ‘freckled’ look.
  12. I suggest Amestate as starting out. It’s small but good and cheap in terms of the ratio between prims and weekly rental costs. It’s what I use for my store actually. I’m not sure how to generate traffic other than trying to get bloggers, pr, manager or something. Could try the Stay at Home Club where creators contribute a free gift to others. If you can afford them, traffic games as well...
  13. This is actually a common problem. How I know how the problem can be fixed by NOT using the sliders button or if there is a button that had something to do about binding to rest pose but that was a Avastar button in Avastar 1 (the nonbento) I’m not familiar with the Avastar for 2.8. I an basing it off of 2.79 Avastar.
  14. I think I know what you're talking about. It's a gacha item from Soap Berry called aqua-glass leg. It's a rare. https://gyazo.com/76fa78b444918233d382ecf596331984 The gyazo is the advert I screenshot off marketplace.
  15. I will agree some of them felt quite rude. Thank you for saying that about the learning and that it doesn’t hurt to release stuff; its very encouraging actually and make me inspired even! And that is a thing where I don’t exactly want to HD it up and make it look so fake too. I prefer keeping things mostly ‘unedited’.
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