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  1. I've spent few hours last night researching it, watched the Strawberry Singh and Cathy Foil videos and scrolled through the forums. I can't say I fully understand, because I am someone who learns better from doing rather than simply hearing or listening, and my ADHD makes it so I am bound to have missed a point I am confused on - like how this will apply to mesh clothes, for instance, but it seems revolutionary. I know omega released a hud for people to test it on the beta browser, since it's not out yet, and my Lelutka head has a button for it (that confused the ever living hell out of me when I first saw it), but from what I understand it'll be built in? So you simply wear tattoos, skins, etc, the same way you do with system avis. There are v-tech creators that allow you to texture their clothes to fit your style, but that doesn't solve the problem of little diverse options. Some Maitreya outfits work for it, since it's a Maitreya flat chest add-on, but it can be tricky to find things that do. And I suppose, but making a forum post is harmless and I ended up learning a lot about something I've always been interested in. Posts can help you reach a wider audience, meet awesome new people, share ideas and learn things. I am glad I made this post, and I hope people hear your complaint about hypersexualized clothes and help you find ones that better suit your desires.
  2. I was under the illusion that rigging was easier, for some reason. Like, you can do it in minutes, once you have the template (body) but then again, I don't know much in terms of building. I get daunted every time I open blender to try learning the basics. I mean, it would be a start if people just made some traditionally feminine outfits for male bodies. Think Violetility's Genderpunk! line. Or even simply including V-tech occasionally, regardless of the gender demographic you're targeting. I know we are starved for content! And everything is too expensive, haha. Can I channel my noobiness and ask what 'bake on mesh' would be? is it close to appliers?
  3. Well, maybe not neutral. Second Life is a medium for creativity, for diversity, exploration and expression. A wonderful one, at that, where we can be ourselves or someone else entirely - explore things we wouldn't otherwise explore, meet people we wouldn't have otherwise met; it's truly a testament to how far technology has come, creating a whole new world for us to explore. But one thing the Second Life market seem to be in short supply of, is clothes that are rigged for all bodies - regardless of gender; so people with male bodies could wear traditionally feminine clothing and vice versa. I know, I know -- not everyone is trans or non-binary, or want to explore different forms of self-expression - but a lot of people do, so where's the harm in accommodating them and targeting a whole new demographic? Throw out the idea that only certain people can wear certain things, and watch more people rock your clothing! People do it for club events, for parties, for Halloween, or even daily! I wish more creators did this and I wish more tackled v-tech - people who wear it are in short supply of skins, clothes and everything else. If I had the talent, knowledge or taste, I would do it, but even then - it takes more than one person to make it a thing! So let's make this happen, hm? Let's give people the ability to wear what they want!
  4. ❝Love is more than a candle, love can ignite the stars.❞ As someone with debilitating anxiety, I've never been good at talking about myself - I dreaded those moments when teachers or event coordinators would ask everyone to share something about themselves. Sure, it's meant to break the ice, but I am painfully awkward and painfully anxious - specially in group settings. In the past few years, as I began to learn to accept myself, it became easier and easier - but I still find myself in the 'I don't know what to say' place. So, here's bunch of random stuff about me: I am twenty two, a transgender man, and the biggest dork you will ever meet. I have a soft spot for foxes, but I used to pretend to be a wolf a lot when I was young. I love Star Wars and my favorite's Revenge of the Sith (I know, I know the prequels are 'bad', sue me) because angst. I absolutely love music, but I can't sing to save my life - still doesn't stop me from doing it, though! I was never good at 'board games' because I never really had many people to play with growing up, and now they just overwhelm me. When I was five, I decided I wanted to either be an 'inventor' or a scientist, and I am well on my way to finishing my second degree in science. I love writing and role-playing, and /yes/, I am a giant Marvel nerd - at least the cinematic universe. I've been in SL for almost a year now and there's so much I want to learn and do. I want to learn to make mesh clothes and items, I want to learn about starting businesses, and a lot of that is rooted in wanting to create a space not just for the LGBTQ+ community, but for everyone who needs it. A space where people can hangout and learn and find support, or simply... be. Of course, it'd be open for everyone, and anyone can ask questions and find answers because the one way to challenge stigma and bias is through education. I don't know, that last bit sounds cheesy, but hey... I can be cheesy and I do tend to over-share, like I just did.
  5. Navigating Second Life as an LGBTQ+ person has it challenges, navigating it as a trans man is near damn impossible. A lot of people don't know what trans men are, they assume we are trans women or as they love to call them 'Sh*males' and 'Ladyb*ys', when trans men are the opposite of that. Trans men are people who were assigned female at birth but identifies as male. (Yes, that means they were often born with a *****, but trans men who are intersex exist, too.) I am looking for one or more RP partners who fit the criteria listed below: Aware that trans men are MEN and trans women are WOMEN. (Transphobia will not be tolerated) Aware that BDSM should be safe, sane and consensual. Safety and risk awareness is important, even in online play. It also adds a degree of realism that I love in RP. Someone who can and will keep real life separate from RP. I wouldn't mind discussing real life but I will not discuss it with just anyone. You need to respect that. Someone who is dominant and knows what it means to be the dominant party in the relationship, the responsibilities that come with it. Gender doesn't matter to me much or at all but my character leans more towards males. But I will consider a mistress as well, if the chemistry is there. Your character/avatar is NOT a straight male or a lesbian woman. Like I said, trans men are men; not having a ***** doesn't make us any less of a man. Be respectful of my limits: No scat, piss or toilet play. No permanent damage/dismemberment. No mixing things with real life. No ***** and no *****. This should be common sense, given the nature of the RP I want, but you must be over eighteen. Message me here (it is easier to check the forum since I can do it from my phone) or in world.
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