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  1. I've spent few hours last night researching it, watched the Strawberry Singh and Cathy Foil videos and scrolled through the forums. I can't say I fully understand, because I am someone who learns better from doing rather than simply hearing or listening, and my ADHD makes it so I am bound to have missed a point I am confused on - like how this will apply to mesh clothes, for instance, but it seems revolutionary. I know omega released a hud for people to test it on the beta browser, since it's not out yet, and my Lelutka head has a button for it (that confused the ever living hell out of m
  2. I was under the illusion that rigging was easier, for some reason. Like, you can do it in minutes, once you have the template (body) but then again, I don't know much in terms of building. I get daunted every time I open blender to try learning the basics. I mean, it would be a start if people just made some traditionally feminine outfits for male bodies. Think Violetility's Genderpunk! line. Or even simply including V-tech occasionally, regardless of the gender demographic you're targeting. I know we are starved for content! And everything is too expensive, haha. Can I channe
  3. Well, maybe not neutral. Second Life is a medium for creativity, for diversity, exploration and expression. A wonderful one, at that, where we can be ourselves or someone else entirely - explore things we wouldn't otherwise explore, meet people we wouldn't have otherwise met; it's truly a testament to how far technology has come, creating a whole new world for us to explore. But one thing the Second Life market seem to be in short supply of, is clothes that are rigged for all bodies - regardless of gender; so people with male bodies could wear traditionally feminine clothing and vice vers
  4. ❝Love is more than a candle, love can ignite the stars.❞ As someone with debilitating anxiety, I've never been good at talking about myself - I dreaded those moments when teachers or event coordinators would ask everyone to share something about themselves. Sure, it's meant to break the ice, but I am painfully awkward and painfully anxious - specially in group settings. In the past few years, as I began to learn to accept myself, it became easier and easier - but I still find myself in the 'I don't know what to say' place. So, here's bunch of random stuff about me: I am twenty
  5. Navigating Second Life as an LGBTQ+ person has it challenges, navigating it as a trans man is near damn impossible. A lot of people don't know what trans men are, they assume we are trans women or as they love to call them 'Sh*males' and 'Ladyb*ys', when trans men are the opposite of that. Trans men are people who were assigned female at birth but identifies as male. (Yes, that means they were often born with a *****, but trans men who are intersex exist, too.) I am looking for one or more RP partners who fit the criteria listed below: Aware that trans men are MEN and trans women ar
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