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  1. Recently went to Secondlife Indonesia weekly live singing performance. It was my first time listening to a live SL singing, was just amazed of the number of crowd joined. The whole show was very uplifting and stress-free. So here I'm wondering if there are any other live singing SL gig? Would be amazing to join and support them! Does anyone have any good active LM? Or if you enjoy live singing too, let's go to the next ones together 💛
  2. Just got my lips done, loving the plumped look!
  3. Just finished braiding my bbg's hair and completed the kids room
  4. I'd like to visit Etosha, sounds like a good exploration! Honestly I'm not into relationship at the moment since I have a son and a grandson (RP!) - a family I just started. Perhaps you can show me your fav picks sometimes having someone new to go around with doesn't sound too bad. Love the idea ❤
  5. Great things happened after I posted this. I'm a "grandma" with a son and grandson now. At first I was looking for a family thing like a dad. I still am. Along the way I caught up meeting few man and they suggested that I'm not suitable to be someone's daughter thus why I posted this topic 😂 My interests are decorating home, fashion, sometimes photography, sim exploring, meeting new people (that does not involve sex), worst case I'd just hangout in a sandbox and practice my driving skill. I'd totally connect with you! Will IM you @carolinestravels?
  6. I've been neglecting the forum, didn't manage to check up on the replies 😔
  7. Down for some friendships here, RP or not smiles
  8. I've been interested in family for a while now maybe getting adopted as someone's sister or daughter. But I guess since I look mature, they'd asked me to get married instead 😂 Is there a good LM to actually meet people genuinely into getting to know someone instead of ''WanNa sEx?''
  9. That's why I need a mom! 😂 Someone needs to tell this girl to get her act right. Don't cut my allowance tho
  10. Exactly Susan LOL. You feel me! It's my inner child screaming to be cared for or pampered.
  11. Can someone adopt me in SL, I just wanna be somebody's daughter or sister- I'm 29 yrs old, Asian, commited adult irl. I usually just get on to talk to some of my friends, going around events and spend L$. Besides that I have nothing else in my SL life. I'm done going around places to seek new friends while it don't last since we don't talk often. Just want a family to go back to, a home. I know, I sound boring right lol. my latest look Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/ssyd/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tucby/
  12. Hello, I'm planning to move to a cheaper land with almost the same size or prims I'm having. 650 prims Size 2050+ Looking at around L500 if there is, to rez my skybox. Any suggestion or feedbacks are welcome.
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