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  1. Thank you!! I don't have much gestures, I got a pack when I first entered SL in that university sim (I can't remember the name) where they teach you the basics and a lot of steampunks hang out there, a pack of "courtly gestures" with greetings and one of them is a bow greeting ( My avatar will bow forward. Very courtly, no? 😁) So, I liked it, but looks kinda stiff, like that old Barbies. Where could I find animated gestures? I can't find them on MP. Or another type of animations that I can trigger through chat, maybe?
  2. I don't know if this is in the right topic, but, I think animations may be relevant in role play... I have a bento body and head, which is great, but,I don't feel I'm using it at the fullest, AO animations are nice, face poses and anims too, but they don't look contextual the most of time, and who has time to open inventory and look for huds? I wanted my avatar to REACT when I say something, to ACT, add some body language to conversations ya know? Question Do gestures work with bento bodies and heads? Do the classic ones work in bento bodies? Where to find it? (I'm tired
  3. it said ''per day'' so i guess i can post tomorrow, maybe it's because i'm newbie on threads . 😸
  4. I did it! now i in the right account, i can see all my stuff !!! Thank you all for clarifying my doubts! i am writing this here because i've exceeded the number of posts for today on the other one. 🤗
  5. there's a time since i logged in SL and now my avatar is all grey, no matter what i apply on it. im using sl viewer.
  6. I know that freebie store Melting Dots, theres some cool crazy things, and i saw the avatars they used to show some clothes, and are soooo beautiful avatars and the hairstyle they make its so cute! Someone know where can i find some asian stuff to my avatar? (gifts)
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