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  1. Hello to all. **Natasha's**, a new brand with a new inworld store, is looking for help. We need someone who can help with promotion/advertising, ppossibly knowing the most important fashion groups of the grid. If you are interested, please drop a notecard Inworld to Natasha Bracula saying that you read this post. Thank you very much.
  2. Hi, my friend Natasha dropped you a message inworld... :-)
  3. Hi Aiko, a friend of mine and I are dealing with a project. We are developing it in these days, but if you are interested in blogging perhaps it will suit you. Drop a notecard inworld to Lexi FreeSpirit or Vannie Lanley, they will be glad to explain you. Thanks.
  4. I think we can consider the post closed: the sim doesn't seem to exist anymore...
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