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  1. I got really excited for Cats but now that I've seen the reviews.... I'll wait for Netflix
  2. I'm 30... ish ( Not 40 yet) But I'm always up for meeting new people and new friends.... unfortunately I'm not gay and I don't identify as a woman either ( Non Binary ) But I do wish you luck - smiles.-
  3. Honestly I would love it if I knew of a few places like this in SL.
  4. Lets see and give this a shot? I'm Yune/Estelle/Ghost/Whatever else folks call me I've been on SL for about a year on and off and I well have difficult in the friends department ( Obviously if I'm here ) So I figure why not try this out? I'm a writer I've been writing on and off my entire life since I can remember. I've been creating worlds upon worlds and have even dabbled into poetry and things here and there a bit. I Play alot with PS ( Photo Shop) and I also am a avid gamer ( Sims, Stardew, LoL, things like that. ) and am trying to get into streaming now I have a much better computer to allow me to do it. I'm goofy and honest, Shy and outgoing in short I'm a walking talking contradiction. things I'm not fond of : Being lied to and used. Being Controlled I found the first year I was here there are alot of people who will try to control how you see people and places and I don't play that game. Other than all that... Hai - waves and sips tea-
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