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  1. Lets see 1. Honesty 2. Compassion 3. Patience the rest is just extra to be honest about it. My Profile is pretty up front
  2. I'm going to be straight up honest here, I am a omnivert ( meaning I have both extrovert and Introvert tendencies ) But I also am painfully shy and have trust issues. I'm not likely to talk to you unless you put yourself in my orbit and talk first and then after feeling you out if I deem I can trust you I might allow some of the walls down and allow you to become my friend. For people who have experienced Trama this is a normal response and randos who msg me normally either get blocked or ignored or both. Unless you can tell me how you found my name and at least try to talk to me before adding.... the answer is no.
  3. To answer the question of the Op. Yes I do and Yes I am doing things I visit the freedom wall daily I check in on my POC friends here in SL to make sure they are safe and okay, I take Milk, snacks and water ( at risk to myself ) to the protesters and when in these POC spaces I make sure and do my best to boost their voices. If you go here : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Moonsong/126/134/4003 You can get all kinds of BLM stuff and join the group. The more people who support BLM the better.
  4. Was hanging out with a few folks the other night and the topic of Imvu did come up and so I figured I could ask here. How many folks have come from as I'm going to put it Across the water ( Imvu) ? I came from there to basically get away from Crazy, but that was about it.
  5. My Default hair color sometimes I'll do a black and ombre color ( Mostly Pink ) and Ocassionally once apon a time a blonde but I always go back to red. The hair is made by truth and called Scout if anyone is wondering.
  6. I have been a Ginger most of the time I've been in SL..... Truth Hairs rock js.
  7. I'm probably late to the party but very rarely do I see a POC avi in SL which I find sad .-. Honestly I can go anywhere and find people who look like me - Even the Furry places - and not worry except if they take offense to my card ( Non Binary Trans person here ) So I can understand asking where to find POC LBTGQ+ places to chill ( have yet to find the second half of that equation that ins't geared to sex. ) I am lucky I'm white passing others are not.... but the racism and homophobia and Transphobia I find on SL is well disturbing at best and sad.... just straight out the box sad.
  8. ***** if someone wants to give me free money I'll take it gladly but LL should add a feature to disable msgs with payment. Would clear this whole problem up
  9. What I would do is try on the HUD clicking on all the parts that are shaded and then hit show all, that doesn't work get the body redelievered and MAKE SURE YOUR IN A AREA THAT ALLOWS SCRIPTS.
  10. then you should send me a msg inworld when SL is done having issues tonight.
  11. Seikari is a mash of Japanese words that mean Light, Shadow and Spirit ( I'll let you figure out which ones ) as the name was the surname to a character I used to Role play with but due to certain things happening I hung that RPC up and haven't looked back. I guess my name was a way of keeping the ideas of the world my RPC is from alive and well as also referring to the fact that at the time I felt like a shadow of myself and when I came to SL I was trying to find my footing again after a very abusive relationship ( that I'm still dealing with the fall out from ) and wanted a fresh start in a place where the name Seikari wouldn't mean ***** to anyone here vs the place I am a escapee from ( if you seen any of my other posts you know the place of which I speak ) I took a year break when the drama of that place followed me to SL and just recently came back a few months ago when I felt safe enough to do so. Since doing so and being open about my departure I have found a loving support system and family things I do not have in RL.
  12. Lately I've made a few topics here and on the SL Reddit asking questions about Furry Avis and the like and now I am just making this topic to hopefully make a few fluffy friends and maybe get a few pointers in the right direction. So if you fit the following send me a msg inworld 1. Not any kind of Phobic ( While I have on a different topic feverishly defending the right for anyone to say whatever I am not willing to surround myself with Hate that being said Homophones and Transphones as well as racists please steer clear. Kay. Kay. ) 2. Not trying to get in my pants ( I have a Daddy who is not inworld and I talk to him daily I'm not neglected ) 3. refer to 1 and 2. 4. Be open minded and actually take time to get to know me. SL and places like it are not games the actions here do effect people in RL there is a human behind the pixels. Thanks in advance Yune Pronouns they/ Them / Theirs.
  13. I escaped two years ago and then went back and recently escaped again so I feel you. Hope you find who your looking for
  14. Um... Yeah you did tho XD and apparently we aren't cause you are still keeping this going and going and going like the energizer bunny on meth. Also the OP basically made this topic on the suggestion that yes SL should limit speech in world. Seems to me Friend you need to go and do your homework but we both know you won't so you keep this thing going and going and trying to gaslight which is the norm when someone is caught. Also Pointing out you are wrong isn't shutting anyone down its how freedom of speech kinda works. Also fact your getting offended proves it wasn't sincere and honestly if you wanted to end this you wouldn't even bother to reply only reason I am is cause you are trying to make yourself out as a victim and well.... your not. No one in this conversation is a victim either ( While I am finding it entertaining the talk about pronouns in here. ) Also I know my In world Profile is view able outside of in world but - holds up a hand- that isnot here nor there. What your upset about is you thought that I was just someone who fit the norm that you thought it would be wise to take a jab at and you didn't count on being wrong and now you are wrong so now your getting mad and that friend is cool. But Obviously you were the only one offended by the comment of " Everyone in SL is white" Refering to the fact that many POC use White Avi's just like many people like me use Femboi and Male avi's on occasion but - shrugs- that is not my issue nor is it on me to do the labor to explain it to you. you phrased what you said to make it sound like I was racist which was calling me so and now your upset that its pretty obvious I am not. So Yes we are done I'm not replying to anymore of your replies. Cause again this is tedious and unlike the energizer bunny I can't keep going and going like a hooker strung out on Meth. Have a good night. :3
  15. Then why are you even picking my posts apart calling me of all people a racist and commenting at all the topic at hand that is about is limiting language on SL and banning certain topics. SL is not RL at all two are different. Seems friend you need to know when to tell the difference. Also I am also speaking as a Minority that when folks try to limit what can be talked about on secondlife and make topics like this that complain that is how it sounds like to us ALSO Brad Williams is a Comedian who has a disability as a little person but the joke does count for so many reasons its basically this you are _____________ and you are too stupid to know that _______________ is making fun of you so I'm going to take care of it because as a _______________ Insert privilege here I Know more than you do when something is offensive to you. Banning political talk doesn't help those of us who are Minorities it hurts us. It hides the thing that needs to be fixed. It gives those people that both of us will have to deal with forever and a day a means to hide and I don't think that is a good idea. SL is SL you don't like something on someone's card you can block them and or leave the club/shop/store/sim/ whatever Nothing on this computer should effect your RL and if it does that is Your problem. Means something inside of you is allowing something on the internet to hurt you and you need to figure that out. Its not on SL or Linden labs to do so. In my view unless it is a Pick calling for the death of POC and or LBTGQIA+ folks or of Women then it should be allowed and getting upset that Linden Labs won't do ***** about it is well stupid. Even if its about how "Awesome" Trump is. Life is too goddamned short to be pissed off over a pick on a virtual chat site and this is me saying this after all the ***** he's done to Trans folk So yes now we are done because honestly this is getting rather tedious. I would rather have SL be a place where one can say whatever the hell they want and allow us the users to decide what should happen rather than have a company decide what we can talk about and get banned or censored for talking about it ( good example is Youtube. )
  16. Someone doesn't know what the meaning of well a joke is. Almost everyone who I've ran into their Pixels are white ( Can't be racist against Pixels darlin ) Also if while we are going to act super offended you need to take a GOOD HARD look at my profile. I am not a HE, I am not SHE, I'm a THEY which means you've been misgendering me the whole damn time. But let me break it down for you since you love to act offended and talk for minorities. I'm a Non Binary Trans person - raises brows- who is far from straight- chuckles- and doesn't believe in Sky Daddy sending me to hell. Somewhere in this thread someone says the same thing I did that rarely to No body on SL uses brown Avi's. Why? Idk honestly its their choice but I'm not going to blame the 2nd life for it. Reasons people have their avi the way they do has alot to do with the 1st life. BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT Keep pretending you speak for a Minority cause here is how that sounds to us. " Hm... I know your ( Insert thing here ) but you are tooo stupid to tell that they are making fun of you so I'm going to take care of it okay? I'm going to make sure that they stop making fun of you. Fist bump on three 1. 2. 3. Aryan Power!" Also just incase you don't get where the joke came from Joke is written and performed by Brad Williams who is a Litter person who has this ***** happen to him all the time. We don't need for you to scream about limiting language on SL Msg that sends us is that we our prescence makes YOU uncomfortable and rather than deal with the biggots you would rather throw a blanket over it and pretend that the world isn't racist or homophobic or transphobic and its all lolipops and rainbows wellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll ITS NOT.
  17. Um... yeah I am and the majority of the people those are for are drowned out by the Minority. A VERY LOUD Minority the majority of which are TERFs. The same people who ask for these are the same people who think JK Rowling is in the right for Defending a Transphobe. Thanks but No thanks. Fact is expecting SL to ban Polictical talk is just as stupid as expecting the RL world to protect you from triggers. Fact is everyone is a ***** ( and has one ) the world doesn't give any *****s about your trauma. I'm sorry but that is true. Not everyone who is opposed to those things is a over grown 60 year old Conservative Man child who still thinks Sky Daddy is going to save us all if we all follow the gazillion rules that are in a book written thousands of years ago. The World is cruel how you deal with that world is on you it is not on the world to deal with you? Get it? Your either strong and cope and thrive despite it or you aren't. I realize my opinon is not popular but I'm kinda out of *****s to give tonight. Point is making SL a "Safe space" would also again as I pointed out make it impossible to discuss the following Transphobia Homophobia Gay rights Trans Rights Religious Freedom ( or freedom of lack of Religion ) Womens Rights Imiagration Rights Racism and anything under the sun that I'm sure you are on the side of. Forgive me but I'm for the freedom of speech even if that speech is inflammatory. Just because it offends you doesn't mean it should be banned from SL Now..... that is said there is the other side of that coin. You want to be able to talk about things that probably effect you ( everyone is white on SL so forgive me ) Then as hurtful as it maybe the biggots have to keep their right to be well bigots but what you can do and society can do is make sure the bigots have a price for being bigots. MEANING. SAY SOMETHING. IF SOMEONE IS SAYING DISHONEST ***** ABOUT A GROUP OR BEING A HATEFUL ***** THEN YOU... YES YOU GET TO POINT OUT THEY ARE A ***** AND CORRECT THEM. That right now is the model we are on I'm not for at all restricting speech even hurtful speech because doing that takes our ability away to counter it and the hate and rage these trumpsters feel still remains. Just then you can't see it...... till its too late. Honestly if I'm hated by someone as scary as it is.... I'd rather them do it openly a stab in the back is a hell of a lot more hurtful and does more damage than one done openly - mic drop- Or you can just.... block them.... and move the hell on its SL they can't do ***** to you.
  18. Basically everyone has a political Opinion and asking for Politics to not be discussed in SL is about as effective as safe spaces in Collages. ( Yeah I said it ) IF SL were to be like that then the things you want talked about ( Racism, Homophobia, Transphobia, Sexism, ect ) could not be discussed either and I honestly 100% believe that if you cannot be a adult and use that thing called a brain and want to be babied you shouldn't be on the internet at all. *****ty people are EVERYWHERE. Throwing a coat of paint over it ( AKA banning all political discourse on SL ) will not make it go away... those people will still hate you and me and anyone who does not fit into that cookie cutter mindless sheep box.... just then.... they'll do it .... behind your back... instead of to your face..... like a reasonable ***** slinging idiot that they are. I don't know about you but I'd rather know someone is bad off the bat than have to guess... makes my 1st and 2nd life alot easier
  19. I really like Henna and Mandala Tats but seem to not have any luck finding good ones in Market Place so I'm wondering..... where do you guys find yours? ( I don't care if I have to go in world to get this. )
  20. I was a active RPer from imvu and now I'm here and exploring and the like and would love to get intouch with fellow Roleplayers here but don't really know how. I seem to have a hard time catching folks when they are active on the Sim. Anybody know of any active RP groups and stuff on SL? Especially interested in Fantasy and Scifi Roleplays.
  21. Well mine at the moment is off at school but I actually met him on imvu and converted him to SL a few months before he had to go focus on his RL. We are RL as we talk all the time on the phone and on discord and msg each other daily. ( So he's around even if his pixels are not ) We do things too when he has time like movies and the like. I have known this man for 12 years and I do see it going beyond the internet and we hope to meet up this summer. My horror story relationship is on imvu and will probably stay there ( I hope ) where he's nuts and repeatedly threatened to come down to the states ( he's in Canada ) and blow my brains out because I walked away from his toxic, cheating, Narc ass. And yes I did report all of it screens and all to the Police. Relationships online are wild cards.... honestly I hope this one lands where I want it to :3
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