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  1. Lets see 1. Honesty 2. Compassion 3. Patience the rest is just extra to be honest about it. My Profile is pretty up front
  2. I'm going to be straight up honest here, I am a omnivert ( meaning I have both extrovert and Introvert tendencies ) But I also am painfully shy and have trust issues. I'm not likely to talk to you unless you put yourself in my orbit and talk first and then after feeling you out if I deem I can trust you I might allow some of the walls down and allow you to become my friend. For people who have experienced Trama this is a normal response and randos who msg me normally either get blocked or ignored or both. Unless you can tell me how you found my name and at least try to talk to me before
  3. To answer the question of the Op. Yes I do and Yes I am doing things I visit the freedom wall daily I check in on my POC friends here in SL to make sure they are safe and okay, I take Milk, snacks and water ( at risk to myself ) to the protesters and when in these POC spaces I make sure and do my best to boost their voices. If you go here : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Moonsong/126/134/4003 You can get all kinds of BLM stuff and join the group. The more people who support BLM the better.
  4. Was hanging out with a few folks the other night and the topic of Imvu did come up and so I figured I could ask here. How many folks have come from as I'm going to put it Across the water ( Imvu) ? I came from there to basically get away from Crazy, but that was about it.
  5. My Default hair color sometimes I'll do a black and ombre color ( Mostly Pink ) and Ocassionally once apon a time a blonde but I always go back to red. The hair is made by truth and called Scout if anyone is wondering.
  6. I have been a Ginger most of the time I've been in SL..... Truth Hairs rock js.
  7. I'm probably late to the party but very rarely do I see a POC avi in SL which I find sad .-. Honestly I can go anywhere and find people who look like me - Even the Furry places - and not worry except if they take offense to my card ( Non Binary Trans person here ) So I can understand asking where to find POC LBTGQ+ places to chill ( have yet to find the second half of that equation that ins't geared to sex. ) I am lucky I'm white passing others are not.... but the racism and homophobia and Transphobia I find on SL is well disturbing at best and sad.... just straight out the box sad.
  8. ***** if someone wants to give me free money I'll take it gladly but LL should add a feature to disable msgs with payment. Would clear this whole problem up
  9. What I would do is try on the HUD clicking on all the parts that are shaded and then hit show all, that doesn't work get the body redelievered and MAKE SURE YOUR IN A AREA THAT ALLOWS SCRIPTS.
  10. then you should send me a msg inworld when SL is done having issues tonight.
  11. Seikari is a mash of Japanese words that mean Light, Shadow and Spirit ( I'll let you figure out which ones ) as the name was the surname to a character I used to Role play with but due to certain things happening I hung that RPC up and haven't looked back. I guess my name was a way of keeping the ideas of the world my RPC is from alive and well as also referring to the fact that at the time I felt like a shadow of myself and when I came to SL I was trying to find my footing again after a very abusive relationship ( that I'm still dealing with the fall out from ) and wanted a fresh start in a
  12. Lately I've made a few topics here and on the SL Reddit asking questions about Furry Avis and the like and now I am just making this topic to hopefully make a few fluffy friends and maybe get a few pointers in the right direction. So if you fit the following send me a msg inworld 1. Not any kind of Phobic ( While I have on a different topic feverishly defending the right for anyone to say whatever I am not willing to surround myself with Hate that being said Homophones and Transphones as well as racists please steer clear. Kay. Kay. ) 2. Not trying to get in my pants ( I have a Daddy
  13. I escaped two years ago and then went back and recently escaped again so I feel you. Hope you find who your looking for
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