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  1. I'm using the same versions, and it's working fine on my side. It also isn't just huds, it's any scripted object. If it was attached during login, it's broken now.
  2. A non-technically-inclined friend of mine is running into a problem whereby certain HUD features, nor any scripted attachments are functioning. There is no invisible prim covering the HUD, we have tried refreshing attachments. Nothing is helping. The account where these issues are happening has been offline for a few months, and when brought back online, everything attached does not work. We have figured out that adding new items that were not attached, will allow them to work. But the problem in doing this for everything is, only one version of everything has been modified, and a lot of these items have been modified extensively, so just downright replacing every non-functioning object is unreasonable. What solutions do we have? Please do not suggest looking for an invisible prim, teleporting, or relogging. We've tried these already.
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