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  1. Oh, that's interesting! Thanks for the information. Thank you very much for the detailed response! It was very helpful in me understanding better. Do you know how I'm able to cancel an order? I tried going to Account History/Statements under the Account, but I'm unable to find out how to cancel the order. I'll be sure to try and do what you suggested for the next time I order on the Best Rate Buy section! I'll be sure to avoid this in the future then!
  2. I see, so it would go into my account balance. I doubt that the $1.49 USD I paid for the Transaction Fee would be paid back (It would be amazing if I did but it feels unlikely), but would I get an extra charge for canceling? Such as a cancellation fee? How long should I wait until I cancel an order?
  3. Hello! So just to get the obvious out of the way, I know that the Best Rate Buy for L$ is a lot longer then the Instant Buy option, counting I know it could take either a very short or long time to fill the order. I also know that the estimated time is just that, an estimated time and the order could be filled sooner or later then the estimated time. However, I've been waiting about 5 days for my order and that was the estimated time suggested. (5 days.) Is it normal to be waiting over the estimated time for an order? This is my first time using the feature so I'm unsure. And I'm also curious if 300$L = $1 USD is an alright price for the Best Rate Buy? Or is that a really poor price for that much $L? I didn't think it was much of a bad price but I'm unsure if that's too low for the Best Rate buy and it's why it's taking a long time to fill the order. I bought $12.51 USD worth so it's about $L 3,753. I read somewhere where the normal $L rate is about $L 250 for $1 USD but I could be wrong about that. And if I cancel an order and I didn't gain my $L, will I get a full refund back to my PayPal account? Maybe I'm not looking in the right places but I couldn't find out if canceling got me a full refund or not. It said I could cancel but I'm unsure if that means the money gets put in my Second Life balance (if that's a thing) or if it would go to my PayPal account. Sorry for all of the questions! I've had a Second Life account for a long time but I didn't actually start using it until like a week ago so I'm still very new to this kind of stuff. Thank you very much for taking the time to read all of this and if it's too confusing I can clarify on what I mean in some parts if needed.
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