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  1. I'm still wanting to know how someone inworld "forced" someone to be their RL girlfriend....because otherwise Im saying it is so much BS...
  2. I was wondering if anyone could make any suggestions for a good femboy combo? I am using the JOMO fox, the "bleach white fennec" mod and have played with the shape a bit. I like the look, but it is a bit annoying being called a fox all the time when I am a wolf (my playing with the shape was mostly the height and proportions and making the muzzle more "boxy" and such to make it feel more "wolf" and less "fox"). The problem that I have found, after spending 2k+plus on the body is that there are hardly any clothes that fit it, so I was thinking about changing my "base". Would anyone have any suggestions of something where I can be as androgynous as I am now but have more outfit options other then "thong", "jock" and ""high complexity but at least they fit damnit" silks" (though it IS one of my favorite outfits). If you frequent GYC then you have more then likely seen me there, so any constructive criticism is appreciated. As a side note, please don't suggest the kemono....I absolutely hate those tiny little paws, on me at least. If nothing else, I would appreciate being pointed towards where I can find outfits that fit, even though they aren't made specifically for my body. Thanks in advance.
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