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  1. Hello ! I am 27 / F / Europe and looking for friends, pretty basic girl who like to do everything crazy, chill, game, decor, explore, clubs and so on... maybe later start a business in SL. I am looking all age friends who wants more from friendship than just chit chat! I want to have good connection with people. Of course this means you are in same level with another person as well and all won't fit that but lets try? I am silly, outspoken, caring friend who needs friends to hang and have interesting discussions. I have met already people who have help me a lot with SL to build my avatar how I want it to look like, and youtube been a big helper too, but still a lot to learn! I been here just for two months now. Maybe you can help me out and show places or shop with me? Send me message inworld: ninaxxs
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