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  1. Does no one read what he’s saying? He’s said twice now that there was no URL in the music stream spot.
  2. I’m honestly surprised at how many people don’t have a music stream going on their land, always weird to take over a plot and it’s just... silence 😄
  3. You should! They’re very spacious and quite nice for scenery! The roads around them are weird to drive on though. That’s my only gripe with them.
  4. I didn’t mean it like that haha more that most seem to go for the 1024m2 parcels instead heh
  5. I went boating through those earlier! They look quite nice! Not my cup of tea I think but beautiful area!
  6. I have a stilt as well but I’m really tempted to try a Chalet again! I don’t love being on the water as much as I had assumed I would.
  7. Is it just me or does it seem like the Chalets are not really as popular as every other theme? Except maybe the Campers, but that’s understandable given the smaller size and such. Every time I give up my house and try for something new there are always Chalets available. What’s everyones opinion on them so far?
  8. Hello! Long time lurker, first time poster here! I know that male shapes and skins are definitely not anywhere close to as popular as female, but I was hoping to get some suggestions. Does anyone have any suggestions for shapes and or skin creators? I have of course been to the main popular places, just wondering if there's any out there that I've missed because I'm not looking in the right area. I've been looking for some skins or shapes that give a decently pronounced jawline but without being too thick. For the head and body s
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