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  1. Thanks for letting me know, I had no idea! Sounds exciting. I would appreciate any tutorials for making textures if anyone knows any! I found a handful on my own, but the ones I've found are focusing on the photoshop aspects which already seem familiar enough to me. I need to know everything else, lol! Specifically, I don't know where the files would be found. Also, in Sims 2, we had something...I think it was called Body Shop if I remember correctly. It was an extra program apart from the Sims 2 that you could use to see what your clothes would look like before using them in the game. In video tutorials I was seeing people painting in photoshop in one window and then checking what it would look like in the game in another window but I don't know how they were doing that. It didn't seem like they were closing out of SL, editing in photoshop, and re-opening SL each time but I'm not really sure. Could have been the video editing? I guess you're uploading the mesh skirt form the kit? I'll definitely look into the forum topics about that. I was planning on being a somewhat childish looking avatar myself. Not particularly human, but more human-looking than furry-looking. I wasn't planning on looking sexual though, which was ironically part of why I was drawn to that body type. (I thought, surely! No chest, not even really human, I wouldn't have a problem! Oh well.) Should I be worried about the way I'll be perceived? Do you mean like, hair and clothes for humans or are there other mods? A lot of the hair I've seen on Kemono avatars so far looks like anime hairstyles. I was hoping to get something different. Are there things I should be familiar with about mesh bodies besides retexturing? Again, I would appreciate any very basic tutorials for retexturing! I've looked through tutorials for making skin specifically because that's one of the main things I'd like to do, but I'm having the same problems I mentioned above. Thanks for the advice about modding the Kemono. That sounds like it would have been and interesting discovery lol. Thanks, those are interesting! Can you switch the heads on these free bodies? Can you change or get rid of the tail? I hope I don't sound like an endless pit of questions! I appreciate the help from all of you.
  2. I've been playing Second Life for about a week. I really like the little feet and body shape of the kemono body and I think I'd like to get one, but I only understand about half of what I read about it because I'm still unfamiliar with a lot of the jargon here. I have some specific ideas about how I want to have my avatar, so I would like to be able to customize without getting in over my head. Would this be a good starter body, or would it be too complicated for someone who's just starting out? For reference, I have some experience with modding for The Sims but I've only retextured things, I never learned about meshes. I needed to have a very, very basic understanding of meshes to be able to paint on them but that's all. Judging by the tutorials I've found so far, the retexturing process seems similar here but it's still all pretty mysterious to me lol.
  3. She's pretty! (Do people use second person to talk about avatars in SL? Or first person? You're?) I've seen the word griefing a few times now. I googled it and it looks like it means something similar to trolling but google was referencing MMOs like Minecraft and not SL. Is that what it means here too? I feel like 'trolling' has more of a "irritating but insignificant, peevish" context. When I've seen "griefing" it's seemed like it's more serious somehow but I might be reading too much into it? I had been thinking, if y'all are used to trouble from human players maybe I should get a pair of ears to seem friendly? But then I was forcibly reminded of those fake animals researchers sometimes use to get close to a real group of animals. I hope that doesn't seem like any kind of rude implication, I don't mean anything disrespectful but the mental image is just so funny. I just- Hello my fellow penguins! Bless me I hope someone else finds this as hilarious as I do.
  4. ಠ-ಠ I have not yet seen a map of SL. I didn't know there was a map of SL. I- thank you that seems really cool and exactly what I was after! I'm excited to check it out! Also though. That is a large map. I've only been teleporting so far, but do people just go from place to place? It looks like it's all connected? I have so many questions now, maybe I should make a new topic lol. I went there after you mentioned it before! It was really cool, I totes got lost and found a secret kitchen! (And left it alone because I'm not sure if people were supposed to be in that area...) I appreciate all the neat shop suggestions!
  5. Thanks for the warning, wandering into something like that on accident sounds exactly like something I'd do lol.
  6. Man. I want to run around as an imp! How are y'all running around as imps and wolves and tv sets? I guess there might be tutorials for that? (Also I haven't figured out how to quote more than one thing in a reply? I want to quote and reply to everyone! I found "multiquote" and promptly confused myself. Still new to Second Life, apologies for messy forum posting! )
  7. Oh! How would I do that? Do I just search any of the keywords I was using above? Also if you or anyone else has any advice on what I could search/where I can go to find other niches I might not know about that would be appreciated!
  8. I heard about the creator community of Second Life years before actually deciding to play the game. Now that I've had a look around, it's not what I imagined it would be like! I'm seeing a lot of human avatars and party/shopping environments. I guess with such a large internet community I was expecting furries, anime, fantacy...maybe some robots? Maybe even some things I haven't seen before! I was hoping to find some creative, avant garde environments too! Heck, with a platform like Second Life, you could probably do environments underwater. Or in space! That would be cool as heck! Does anyone do stuff like that here?
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