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  1. Hey, so idk if anyone is still following this thread? But to get a skin into the game, does it cost money? Even if you're just checking to see if it looks janky and where it needs fixing/improving? I don't understand it very well yet, lol. I'm still watching tutorials and such. I'm just a little confused. EDIT: I now see that 10 linden is like 5 cents lol so $5 American would go a long way but I'm still a bit confused.
  2. It's been a couple of years since I played and I have no idea what I'm doing at all. 😬 I'm trying to wear the Kemono body without missing parts or a missing HUD, but all of the instructions I find are full of terms I don't recognize anymore. Here's a screenshot of the card that came with it, but I have no idea what Object Detail (LOD) is, or "detatch and rez" on the ground? I remember vaguely doing something like that last time played a few years ago but I don't remember how to do it and I'm having trouble finding any helpful tutorials or instructions. I'm not even really sure what to goo
  3. Thanks! I never really got used to the SL controls and such. ^^'
  4. I actually ended up finding a rar of the default skins, so I see what you mean!
  5. Thanks! Do I just search "Kemono PSDs"? Also, I'm a bit confused. When you have a skin or a body that comes with one, can you not get to the files and see how they did it? Or are they not accessible? I used to paint stuff to use in sims games all the time, usually from in-game content or other people's mods. So I'm used to being able to export and recolor darn near anything lol. EDIT: I just peeked at the store. Apparently it came with UV maps! That's good news, now all I have to do is find them, ha.
  6. Thanks! I have the Kemono body and whatever head came with it, should I just Google "Kemono body UV map"? And heh yeah, I know it will probably look janky lol. It'll take some practice and maybe some better software eventually, if I really get into it. Do people here tend to mind if I wanted to start out by just re-coloring the normal Kemono skin? Is that a thing that's possible to do?
  7. Hello, all. I tried getting into Second Life back in 2018 and it didn't really stick with me. I did buy some avatar stuff though, and I know it's possible to "customize" it. By that I mean, (you guys probably have a proper word or phrase for this) like, get the avatar skin (If that's what you call it?) or clothing items into photoshop or something similar and paint them differently. That's all I would really like to do, just mess around painting avatars lol. But because I don't know what doing that is called, I'm having trouble looking up how to do it. I'm finding some tutorials but they don't
  8. Thanks for letting me know, I had no idea! Sounds exciting. I would appreciate any tutorials for making textures if anyone knows any! I found a handful on my own, but the ones I've found are focusing on the photoshop aspects which already seem familiar enough to me. I need to know everything else, lol! Specifically, I don't know where the files would be found. Also, in Sims 2, we had something...I think it was called Body Shop if I remember correctly. It was an extra program apart from the Sims 2 that you could use to see what your clothes would look like before using them in the game. I
  9. I've been playing Second Life for about a week. I really like the little feet and body shape of the kemono body and I think I'd like to get one, but I only understand about half of what I read about it because I'm still unfamiliar with a lot of the jargon here. I have some specific ideas about how I want to have my avatar, so I would like to be able to customize without getting in over my head. Would this be a good starter body, or would it be too complicated for someone who's just starting out? For reference, I have some experience with modding for The Sims but I've only retextured th
  10. She's pretty! (Do people use second person to talk about avatars in SL? Or first person? You're?) I've seen the word griefing a few times now. I googled it and it looks like it means something similar to trolling but google was referencing MMOs like Minecraft and not SL. Is that what it means here too? I feel like 'trolling' has more of a "irritating but insignificant, peevish" context. When I've seen "griefing" it's seemed like it's more serious somehow but I might be reading too much into it? I had been thinking, if y'all are used to trouble from human players maybe I should get a
  11. ಠ-ಠ I have not yet seen a map of SL. I didn't know there was a map of SL. I- thank you that seems really cool and exactly what I was after! I'm excited to check it out! Also though. That is a large map. I've only been teleporting so far, but do people just go from place to place? It looks like it's all connected? I have so many questions now, maybe I should make a new topic lol. I went there after you mentioned it before! It was really cool, I totes got lost and found a secret kitchen! (And left it alone because I'm not sure if people were supposed to be in that area...)
  12. Thanks for the warning, wandering into something like that on accident sounds exactly like something I'd do lol.
  13. Man. I want to run around as an imp! How are y'all running around as imps and wolves and tv sets? I guess there might be tutorials for that? (Also I haven't figured out how to quote more than one thing in a reply? I want to quote and reply to everyone! I found "multiquote" and promptly confused myself. Still new to Second Life, apologies for messy forum posting! )
  14. Oh! How would I do that? Do I just search any of the keywords I was using above? Also if you or anyone else has any advice on what I could search/where I can go to find other niches I might not know about that would be appreciated!
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