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  1. Thank you for the Interest hon Contact me in-world and i can give you a follow up of what to expect and whats going on Anyone New is welcome to Join if you are a fast Learner even better.
  2. Bloggers Needed I am Going to be Creating a Bloggers Paradise , A Bloggers Institute,Bloggers Business. And i Want Bloggers To work in the Facility Commission Pay Of course for the First Trial Period. then 1000L a Week after that you create your own blogging Earn your own Popularity ect, Its really just a Building where Bloggers can work in and other business can come and pick out a blogger right from my Facility youll have a contract. send me info of your Work and what you would be able to bring to the table incase changes ever occur to the Business Just Info about your Blogging Experience. Decorator Needed Also need to Hire a decorator to decorate my Bloggers Facility would prefer someone who knows and can find the Latest Office equipment and decorations for a Bloggers business. thank you please Message RozaeR on here or inworld. About Myself A little about myself i have always been a person of great importance either it be from a business stand point or a Friend i have Great business insight and Tons of experience i have Owned 2 Clubs, a Social Platform with helping the Most vulnerable of people. I have had a Free Linden Business where Noobs could come and collect Free Lindens. i Love Giving back to the People Previously had a Loan Business but because of TOS Changes it has come down completely. Clearly all of these things arent cheap and i had plenty of time to do it all Money is of no importance i have given away over 100k to Help everyone else but myself and it has just been the kind of person i am. Please Join me on my Journey and create Something Together so everyone can enjoy.
  3. Ladies Just need to be patient and stay Positive enjoy ones company i am looking for a woman that would like to make Money with me not take advantage of the situation and be one sided lets do something together, Be happy and make each other laugh. i wouldn't want to be anyone sugar daddy nor would i want anyone being my sugar momma Progress is change and it takes two to do so.
  4. I am Looking for work to protect and defend the individual Needing a personal security officer. The duties that i would be providing is Security physically and mentally even Verbally i have the means to keep Stalkers, Perverts, and un welcomed Guests away from the individual with a few perks i have. i will have the Means to be Present and act upon your requests Anywhere at Anytime even if i am offline i can get on to do my duty. I have a degree in business and am a retired entrepreneur if willing i can provide advise for whatever the topic i am sweet, kind , and very protective to those needing it. Please contact me if interested Can discuss Payment options in further details in Person. Hourly rate or One Time Payments.
  5. its an opportunity with a little bit of Linden so instead of fishing or trying to earn free linden I have a job for those interested ….
  6. that's what im offering you don't like it keep it moving thats all im saying there are plenty of rookie scripters that would like to take the job now excuse me while I return a few messages. also can join the team there would be a weekly salary for those scrpters that want to be apart of the project.
  7. No that's what im offering to get the job done.
  8. Looking for a scripter to create something for me I do not want to announce what it is but I need a dedicated person to do the job and do just that. 2k upfront 3k when complete if all set and done and don't want the linden but want to be apart of the team then probably can make it happen thank you.
  9. you need a Manager or someone to keep these women in line IM me ill help you and I have plenty of ideas and experience. And professional recruiter
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