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  1. So the wild ride I've been on the past 24 hours. I spent last night and this morning looking into random MacBook Pro shut downs and found this as a solution... https://outluch.wixsite.com/rmbp-crash It outlines that removing a certain Thunderbolt extension will resolve the random shut downs. And it did! I can run both the Second Life default viewer and Firestorm without my system crashing. However it get extremely hot and the fan runs super loud. When Coconut said my battery temperature was 36C I shut down Firestorm. Before I did so I downloaded iStats and took this snapshot of my system. I am largely ignorant to most of what this means. Does this disclose any ideas to anyone?
  2. Thanks, I have Coconut, which tells me my battery temp is between 36.1 with no fan on. I just tried to get the temp when the fan is on and the system shut down. Then I did an Apple System Diagnostic but it revealed no problems.
  3. I spoke too soon. I've had a couple more crashes while using Firestorm Even after cleaning all the dust bunnies out of my MacBook Pro. Same deal as before. My fan gets really loud and then the whole system shuts down. I'm hoping it isn't a hard drive issue. However I have backed up all of my files. Anyone have any ideas on what is going on or what I can try next?
  4. I think that did it. I managed to get the dust out of it and I've been on Firestorm for about an hour with any crash. Thanks!
  5. So I am guessing I don't want to blow from the outside in. Won't that just push dust and debris further inside? I'll do some research, I guess.
  6. I've been using Firestorm on my MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2014) since I got the computer almost four years ago. Exactly a week ago I started experiencing a random whole system shut down about two to five minutes into logging in with Firestorm. After several crashes I switched over to the default Second Life viewer and had the same thing happened. So a little more information. Things don't necessarily slow down so much, but I did notice my fan kick on just before the shutdown. It isn't just the viewer that crashes, the screen goes black and I have to power up again. It is both Firestorm and the Second Life viewer that cause this issue. Over the weekend I tried some other viewers and the one that doesn't crash my whole computer seems to be Alchemy. So far so good. It doesn't crash, but my computer's fan is working hard. It is loud. The computer gets hot. Additionally, when more than just a couple people are in the sim, it gets really laggy. Randomly, I downloaded World of Warcraft and started playing that to see if it was a graphics issue. I thought that might be similarly graphically intense as Second Life gets. I had no crashes while playing World of Warcraft for over an hour. My graphics in Second Life is set to middle/low. I'd like to get back to using Firestorm. So does anyone have any idea what is going on and what a solution might be? Thanks!
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