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  1. Do you need your roomie to pay half, or for free?
  2. Hello everyone! So, I would like to ask... Doing sim reviews and promoting the certain sim, on the owner's personalised way...Will this be a job-aspect in SL? Is it possible for someone to ask a 'sim reviewer@promoter' who has quite a social media base or/and blogging, to review/promote their own sim and pay this person? What's your thoughts on this, please do tell, thank you! 😃
  3. Okay, Im looking for body skin which matches the skin that Catwa Head provides for its head. I love the colour of the head, and want to match it with a suitable body skin. I really have no idea where to search. I have a Maitreya body. Someone, please let me know if you know. Thank you.
  4. SusanPoora


    I am not a therapist or whatever, but I always see from others' POV and have empathy for them which makes them feel better. Im simply an empath who could lend you a non-judging ear and talk to you as a friend if you want, to make you feel better. Contact me inworld if you would love that, susanpoora. Take care.
  5. Ill contact you inworld, I might help you. Lets talk about it
  6. You are most welcomed to ^^ Do stop by during your free time and we are there to help you the way you need =D
  7. Woah guys, this is great. I appreciate all the inputs, trust me. This is actually what I love in the forums, all kinds of opinions and its food to my thought. There are some things I would like to have a say though: Yes, this is what I'm actually doing. Thanks for this statement, truly. Well, maybe that is your POV in SL. I mean, yes, there are fantasy logic and all, but it is indeed fantasy and it is very 'creative'. Anything might be true or false, no set of proven truth to argue about. It depends on what you believe in. As for me, I'm exploring still and I'm open to all knowledge in a broad perspect without constricting myself, and I might even create some things as 'anything is possible' is my very base quote even in RL. Creativity doesnt necessarily follows logic though, it all depends, at least according to me. For example, if Thomas Alva Edison wasnt creative enough to oppose the 'logic' at that time, where there were no electricity, we wouldnt would have electricity now. So, logic and truth, all of them are very subjective.
  8. Hello all. I would like to get information on communities where these are happening? I'm a half breed, born in that way, and would like to get exposure on supernatural communities around in Second Life. I know bloodlines, progeny, unnatural, WoS.... I would like to know other active communities existing and also about these communities I've stated. I dont know if I can be half breed all the time, cause, i'm planning to stay that way. Adult activities are allowed, no restriction on that. Though shouldn't be fully about adult activities as for me, story is very important. I hope someone could help me out. Thanks in advance!
  9. I am interested and I am visiting the venue in-world asap. Nice project, I love it!
  10. I literally meant engaged writer, which means, to be a committed writer and not a detached one. So probably, it would group into three according to you, but then again, I mentioned in such way because I dont mean to seperate family and friends at this point of life; I purposely put them together. It is more like a expression. So, becoming an engaged writer and being a considerate friend&family is how I would like to see it group. Thanks.
  11. Well, just curious, How is storytelling is SL? I mean, are people doing it? If yes, how? RP places are storytelling places, yes I do acknowledge them. Other than that? Are there any group of people doing storytelling regularly? Anything regarding storytelling in SL, we may discuss here. Thanks!
  12. Hey there! Psycology is always interesting for me. Im doing psycology as minor in RL. I would love to get to know you. IM me inworld, and we could chat and meet. My timings in SL, well, Ill be free after 14/1/2019 due to finals in Rl, so we'll see after that, if meeting that is 😇
  13. I see it more like storylines. Is that advertisement? I think not... But yea. Is the RP going well till now?
  14. Hey, can I get the link to your website? Thanks!
  15. Yeap, there are alot to see. Thanks for the support!
  16. SL- Mainly doing a mainland adventure, so buckling up for that! Then, yea, the usual drill to host and earn some money and planning to learn building this year! RL- The usual university student thing. But then, addition is, learning to manage my time more swiftly. The other two most important thing Im focusing on, is to become an engaged writer and a good friend@family.
  17. That is amazing to hear, truly😇
  18. Hey, thanks and, about meeting old time resident...other than finding them while wondering, what are other ways? And, to know the history about mainland, the ones documented bfore this, where can I access? Do you have any suggestion? Coz, I did saw some in net, but just asking you for your opinion.
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