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  1. Hello, Thank you Fenix, that's what I wanted to know. Thanks also for the valuable information I wish you a good day !
  2. Hello, everyone, My question is quite simple, I would like to know if there is any code that is supported by the profiles. Because I just tried BBcode and Html and it apparently doesn't work (unless I made a mistake in my tags, but I'd be surprised, I checked twice)
  3. Back ! Something was wrong with my settings. I just restored my settings and everything works perfectly. So, basically, I don't know why this thing was crashing, if re-downloading and reinstalling it helped anything? I don't know what was wrong with my settings that gave me an image like this. So I'm no less stupid than yesterday, but I managed to make it work. Merci. bonne soirée à tous.
  4. Hello Whirly Fizzle, thank you for paying attention to my issue. In fact, what happened when I opened the viewer was that the login page would display for 2 or 3 seconds and jump. As a result, I had a crash report window that popped up. In the meantime, I downloaded the SL viewer to be able to play, everything is going normally, but I would really like to get Firestrom back because I am so used to it that I can't even play with the LL viewer anymore. So, last night, I uninstalled (again) the Firestorm viewer and re-downloaded it this afternoon and reinstalled it. He doesn't crash anymore, but here's what happens. My view with the Linden Lab viewer: My view with the Firestorm viewer:
  5. Hello, I'm here because I have a problem with my viewer crashing. In fact, I can't even display the login page anymore. It stays a few seconds and jumps. Summary of the facts. This afternoon, I clean my cache because it hasn't been done for months and too many bazaars in it. so, I locate the cache, I disconnect, I delete everything that is in it and I reconnect. everything works normally, for several hours. and with the reset of my connection, I am loged out and when I try to relog, the viewer is crashing. I try several times, nothing works. So I decide to reinstall the viewer, uninstall the other one and reinstall and always the same... I don't know what to do. I don't know where it comes from. Thank you to those who can help me
  6. Indeed, it wasn't working for me either and for the last few days. I was wondering if it was my fault. Thank you Miakis
  7. Good evening, everyone, And to begin, thank you to the community for helping all those who need it. It has already helped me a lot. I have a question to which I did not find an answer in the various subjects already treated (except if I badly sought). I just posted an RL photo in the first life part of my IW profile. I would like to know if there is a possibility that only my friends can see it? Thanks
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