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    just asking why, im not telling u that u should block them all o.0
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    thank you but (This post is not for you players, is for people who have access to take away that limit of blocking people)
  3. Well the The Dreamer's Island is beautifull. http://world.secondlife.com/place/270fad7c-0519-d122-e69c-abcbe2b2aac0 BUT THEY DONT LET YOU IN IF YOU DONT HAVE 2 MONTHS PLAYING, so stupid. ALSO SECRET BEACH , I've heard bad comments about it... "HORRIBLE & THEY TREAT YOU SO BAD. I hate this place so much, they will kick you everytime because you dont have 30 stupid days. Even if you have your pretty mesh avatar you spent money on, with good clothes and you have been playing for 29 days NO they will kick you out. I don't even know why they need the 30 days, they don't even explain it to you. I flied right away after spawn in the map the 3rd time and you get to stay more time but still someone will IM you telling you to leave. I've flied to see around and its not even that pretty to that exclusivity, its ridiculous. I've been loving this game so much and what I love doing is taking pictures at the beach and this type of threatment of kicking you out from maps cause you don't have enough days is ridiculous, this map made me quit the game cause it's not fair to not let people go in JUST because of the days you have been playing. If you want to prevent Trolls or people with bad behavior just moderate the people who is coming to visit your map and dont JUDGE them just cause of a stupid date."
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