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  1. Someday, other friendly thoughts shall SHINE
  2. I posted this elsewhere but it probably belongs in this thread
  3. After rigorous intercourse snuggle excited LOVER (You said arise and I tried to be good, I really really tried, but I can’t. It might be the wine, or it just might be me. But I did arise)
  4. Is this an original composition? Because it is lovely.
  5. Giving reason, excitement, anticipation to SHARE
  6. I bought a pair and absolutely love them. They are really high quality but I’m biased and love L&B. I would also appreciate some tips on clothing that are really high quality in world that I might not have stumbled upon in marketplace. Or special events. If you wouldn’t mind.
  7. Granted. Your alts are now in one inventory. They now argue over which article of clothing belongs to who and refuse to share anything. You can’t take it and start an alt account. I wish I had an alt because it sounds super fun.
  8. Proof of satisfaction takes courteous ... REPLY
  9. Don’t overlook loving lodgings young ...VENUS
  10. Melons untouched never curtail hunger. CRAVE
  11. I wish for a personal chef to cook all of my family’s meals. Granted. Your Chef cooks for your family. Unfortunately, you found a Pastry Chef and pretty soon none of your clothing fits. I wish Christmas was here already. There is no need for this long buildup.
  12. Cannot really assume zingers yield FRUIT
  13. Granted. You get some thing done. That something is clipping your toenails. Onto Tuesday! I wish rain just fell all at once and got it over with. (Tease)
  14. Second life unhinges many peoples VIEWS
  15. Thank you for understanding and I’ll watch my pings in the future Lindal (no ping).
  16. Granted. The snow is gone. It melts and turns into ice. you can't get out. I wish there was a newspaper that only printed good news.
  17. am... nothing really... this is a game where one person wishes something and the next person ruins it... you posted without leaving a wish... I asked for a wish playfully... read wtf... withdrew my wish.... no harm no foul
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