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  1. Do obey Madam most excellently WAITS
  2. Charlie is up to no good in his new skybox
  3. Unfortunately, Charlie Utter had reached the end of his potential. I absolutely loved the skin but there was no way to change hair or add anything, and so after some soul searching he went under the knife and has become a new Charlie but the same Charlie. Here is the first portrait.
  4. improvisation which involved cheese, and
  5. I bought property on SL water. I terraformed some sand and razzed a lovely house on it. To make a long story short - the house comes with a pool but I don't like the SL water being in the pool. The pool water conflicted with the SL water so I unlinked it from the house, but now I have SL water in the pool. I really want fresh water so that it's more pool like. I would like to buy a pool on marketplace and place it on top of the existing pool, but I'm wondering if the SL water is going to seep through. Is there a way to create a prim and have the SL water stay to the outside of that prim? Or is this not possible?
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