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  1. I didnt make the model personally, long story short it was commissioned but then he had to stop for a reason, the model and rigging was basically done and the only thing needed was a good texture. I dont have a clue if it was mirrored but from an early wip pic I have I dont think he mirrored it entirely as there is one pic with the model missing the right foot but still has the left one. Anyway, could you tell me how Id check for this? Standard DAE export, Havent got avastar and I hope not to spend 10000Lind on it if I dont need to. Ventus
  2. I had a model made for me for various games like VRchat and SecondLife. The Model is rigged up in blender and I believe Bento skeleton should be able to work with it, when exported as DAE and tried to import into SL , the game shows the preview as the model cut in half and has hair and facial features high above. I have little knowledge about rigging and modeling and I dont know what is the issue. Any ideas on what can be done? Im able to send the blend file and the DAE on discord. Ventus PS yes I know I dont have upload privileges yet.
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