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  1. Hhahahaha i've already seen the date , in case she did't move on
  2. I know ur feelings hun , i wil tell you what to do , go to chat history of local , im sure there are many pages , if u met him when u were new in sl , then go to page 1 or 2 +++ , and search for conversation , and u will find his name But , actually alwin is right , you have to move on girl , im sure that he does't deserve you okay? , maybe he is dead irl , who knows , rip him
  3. Hello? , i hope it not filled right? , I want to be a babysitter for your childrens , Im 21 years old , and i have experiance of taking caring of kids , Im always online , And 4pm To 9pm is a perfect time , because im always online at this time , and also u can call me anytime if u need help and i will be there :))
  4. The jobs that im able to work in is 1) I can work as a babysitter : (Im on everyday and all day) And everytime u need something just IM me and i come to takecare for the kid 2) I can work as a model : I have Beautiful shape and avatar , I've been working for it hard! 3) I can work as a teacher : ( I use voice) This is the three jobs that im able to work in it , Im friendly , and gentle so no worries And about the payment , I dont really care about how much you are gonna pay me , U can pay me whenever u want , And sometimes i work for free when you can't pay , i like to help people :)) IM or Send me NOTECARD : My username is : AngelLdr Looking forwards , have a nice day :))
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