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  1. Anybody makes art like this? Or knows anybody that can because I want a youtube styled artwork like that. Ill pay lindens!
  2. I connected my Cash App Visa Card to my account and it says its payment method now. When I try to transfer my "Tilia USD Balance" to my cash app it says "connect a paypal or a skrill". I can't connect a paypal account because I haven't set a bank account yet. Is Second Life bugged or something?
  3. Oh ok somebody had told me to set it to 1 so I thought he knew what he was doing alright thanks for the information.
  4. Question 1: What did I do wrong? I uploaded a pose and put it in my AV sitter but it wont stay still. I had set the priority to 1 and turned the loop on but it still goes out of place. What did I set wrong? Question 2: How do I change the title of the menu on AVSitter? I don't want it to say sitter 0.
  5. Yea I wanna do all the poses above adult, sits, couples all that on like simple small beds and couches for like little hangout places and stuff. Alright thanks tho Ill do some research and see what I should do then. I asked about casper tech because its cheaper but ill research them both first then see. Much love
  6. Is CasperTech SimpleSit too complicated? and could I ask who has the best animations? I don't want to waste money on bad animations when I do spend.
  7. Question 1: AVSitter2 Or CasperTech SimpleSit Sitter, Which is better for a new furniture creator? Question 2: Where can I get poses or animations so I can add them to my furniture when I make them.
  8. Okay I create second life clothes for men. I use Gianni and most the stuff I create fits me great. I don't own other mesh bodies but I want to display what other mesh bodies my clothes fit on. How do I check if my clothes fit other mesh bodies?
  9. Okay I figured it out I saved my beard on the beard hud then I applied the tattoo then clicked on where I saved the beard. <3 Fixed it thanks!
  10. I just bought a catwa face tattoo "Dan face Tattoo" and when I applied it; my beard was removed and mustache was glitched. What can I do?https://i.gyazo.com/e7a5571b568851766401dbe2fe980c0d.png
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