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  1. This is true! Hopefully i will find him by just hanging out one day.
  2. Thank you i try to be a little artistic here and there lol. I hope i find what im looking for too. You can always add me or i'll probably end up adding you. I tend to actually find some cool people in the forums. I dont go out much in the SL world so thats kind of my problem.
  3. Hi im Kitty. Yes i am a lonely individual lol. Im 26...and i never know what to write after that lol. Im pretty shy so i've been to myself a lot. I want to branch out now and find people to connect with.
  4. Hi you guys! Im kitty. i've been here for awhile and now i wanna share my SL life with someone and even find new friends to hangout with. Im 26 and from Georgia. I'm a little shy but i promise once i feel like i can relate to you im a ball of fun and sunshine. Im looking to find a male partner who has a pretty good looking avatar and stays update with his look. I love a funny guy who can take a joke and give out some. Of course a nice sexual attitude is always welcomed lol. Someone who enjoys going out to sims but also just likes spending time alone talking. Im a big movie fan. I prefer horror
  5. Im currently in heaven with some early 2000s punk pop and rock. even some oldie pop queens -coughs-
  6. OK so i've been single for a while now on SL and now im ready to meet some people and see where things go. Im 26 from Georgia. At the moment im taking a break from college but i do attend. I dont have any family on SL or kids. Im single in RL and no kids in RL. I like to think im humoress and outgoing at times. I may come of shy at first but i will loosen up quick. Im a straight female looking for a straight male. I like nerdy so dont think im one of those girls who wants a very "street guy". I m creative so someone who has an imagination would be great. So yeah...we can talk more i
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