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  1. This is true! Hopefully i will find him by just hanging out one day.
  2. Thank you i try to be a little artistic here and there lol. I hope i find what im looking for too. You can always add me or i'll probably end up adding you. I tend to actually find some cool people in the forums. I dont go out much in the SL world so thats kind of my problem.
  3. Hi im Kitty. Yes i am a lonely individual lol. Im 26...and i never know what to write after that lol. Im pretty shy so i've been to myself a lot. I want to branch out now and find people to connect with.
  4. Hi you guys! Im kitty. i've been here for awhile and now i wanna share my SL life with someone and even find new friends to hangout with. Im 26 and from Georgia. I'm a little shy but i promise once i feel like i can relate to you im a ball of fun and sunshine. Im looking to find a male partner who has a pretty good looking avatar and stays update with his look. I love a funny guy who can take a joke and give out some. Of course a nice sexual attitude is always welcomed lol. Someone who enjoys going out to sims but also just likes spending time alone talking. Im a big movie fan. I prefer horror but i like others. I do watch some anime. No i am not a huge anime person and im not trying to pretend to be. I do own a SL instagram page so of course i would like someone who wouldn't mind taking pictures here and there. ((I DONT CARE ABOUT WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE IN REAL. YOU TREAT ME RIGHT AND I"LL THINK YOUR SEXIER THEN TOM HARDY.....AND I THINK TOM HARDY IS THE SEXIEST MAN ALIVE..WELL ONE OF THEM LOL)) AS FOR FRIENDS: You can be purple, blue, green, or orange with spots lol. I accept whoever as a friend. Just as long as we get along. SO ADD ME IN WORLD. IM SO READY TO MEET PEOPLE
  5. Im currently in heaven with some early 2000s punk pop and rock. even some oldie pop queens -coughs-
  6. OK so i've been single for a while now on SL and now im ready to meet some people and see where things go. Im 26 from Georgia. At the moment im taking a break from college but i do attend. I dont have any family on SL or kids. Im single in RL and no kids in RL. I like to think im humoress and outgoing at times. I may come of shy at first but i will loosen up quick. Im a straight female looking for a straight male. I like nerdy so dont think im one of those girls who wants a very "street guy". I m creative so someone who has an imagination would be great. So yeah...we can talk more in world. Just add me or send a PM my way In World: KittyVLow I have an IG if you would like to follow as well its Kvp_Klow Cant wait to meet some people
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