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  1. Hello, I am Glitch from SE Asia and I am SLT +13, I do not have many peoples active during the times i play so i would love to make some friends who share similar time zones with me. I play SL usually midnight to noon SLT. I am a very fun, sometimes very energetic and willing to match my soon-to-be friends activities as well. My activities including, Musical Knowledge, DJing, Dancing, Clubbing, Shopping, Chatting, Talking and most of all Having Fun and sometimes being professional. If you are interested please send an IM to me ( AshenSaturn ) that is my In World Name. Look forward to hear
  2. Payment is random, send u some every now and then, and by the time range i meant the times i usually do sets that doesn't mean i will do a 14 hours of set no, i meant I do sets during that time period. I mentioned that time so you would know what time I usually DJ, and venues and details can be discussed later if you are interested. Hope that helps answer your questions
  3. I am searching again for a personal Hostess...
  4. Found and topic is closed. Thank you everyone!
  5. Hello, I am DJ GLITCH and I am a very experienced DJ who spins almost everything and i work in multiple clubs and i need a personal hostess to work alongside me in all the clubs i work at. My set timings are within 10pm to noon in slt. If you are interested please reply to this topic or IM me inworld. I am always available in the times mentioned.
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