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  1. Its a mess! LL and FS combination is KILLING SL! Many of us dont even log on anymore!
  2. Its going to die due to LL Neglect! Period! SANSAR is taking preference - which is draining the cash-cow SL - which is lagging users to death! NO HOPE REALLY!
  3. The number of broken SIMS is SL is really becoming a drag. Its becoming more and more unpleasant to fly or to sail. This is the main reason why I am in SL. I was considering becoming a Premium member, but decided against it until SL start re-investing in SL - and fix the broken and missing SIMS in regions where we can fly and sail. They will prob tell me that those regions are privately owned. SL has the power to restart everything - so please FIX those missing and broken SIMs that are literally everywhere! Then I may decide to become a premium member!
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