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  1. I would Join the freebies gifts in world, they literally tell you whenever a new freebie is found.
  2. Hmm, honestly speaking it could be a form of select-pansexuality. Where they disregard the sex/gender of the user because of appearance alone. I have seen homosexual men tell other straight men that they're men in real life and they simply disregard it, but would never do this offline. Other's have a complete panic attack and never log in again. But there is one thing for certain, second life is surely "out of sight out of mind" concept to sexuality and makes it that much easier to ignore sex/gender. Edit: Ahh, I forgot to mention I knew a woman who got virtually turned out and started to date her RL female (Game male) lover and tried to make it work. It obviously didn't last because she was heterosexual trying to date a female.
  3. I mean it's your decision on whether you want to have fun too. Why wait on her? Have fun in her presence and have some more when she's not there. Focus on having fun and developing your personality and people will draw to you like a magnet, and guess what? It won't matter because you were too busy having fun!
  4. I don't have any landmarks or stores but I do have style suggestions. Instead of looking at pieces at face value you can also layer pieces. The key to making most modest outfits look stylish is layering. I would suggest getting a basic white shirt, a black shirt, etc... Then try on some jacket/cardigans/dress demo's to see what fits over top of that (or get applier t-shirts to wear underneath). I'm honestly quit inspired to do a lookbook now hmmm.. Maybe I'll be back
  5. Yes, the meet and greet was successful +1 for @Alexianna GossipGirl Real fun time with the lads, amazing coffee, pastries provided by Iva.
  6. You'd be surprised, people who seek out entertainment (in the form of dancers/escorts) will pay for anything. I've seen it happen time and time again. I think she's allowed to post here just in case, I have seen no one offer to provide her links to where she can get theses items so is it even constructive criticism? Could her avatar use a bit of an upgrade to do whatever job she desires, ofcourse. I'm sure she knows that, even how I look currently inworld could be totally mismatched with certain positions. I could even say that your avatar would look out of place in certain job positions. Rain, if you would like to know where to find an affordable get up for your endeavors you can IM me and I'd be willing to help out. I can get you the hook up on a few affordable mesh bodies, skins, shapes, hair, whatever you feel that YOU need. x
  7. As a designer/artist I never allow my clients to pay me in full. It's always half up front and half before you receive the final. That was simply just a bit of naïvete' on your part but a very fatal mistake had this builder just went off with your money. Also I rarely let my clients contact me unless they left something out and want to quickly add it in for reference. I show progress throughout the duration of the project. Then you had your friend IM the builder on her alt, which is quite unprofessional, this isn't your lover that might be cheating this is a contractor you (and you only unless you want to involve a lawyer) hired for services and you should be the only person contacting them; unless stated otherwise. Depending on your attitude some contractors don't show progress and will simply just finish it up and deliver it to you to get you out of their hair. Paying in full shows that you trusted her/her work and didn't want any progress updates (as you already paid in full). The job was done, your business partner accepted on your behalf (plus you oaid in full), the job is complete and over on the builders side. Next time tell the builder you want it delivered to you instead of counting on a third party. How can she double check with you if you weren't the recipient of the house? I'm sorry you don't feel satisfied but this is definitely something to learn from. Next time get a contractual agreement stating your needs/expectations. Hire someone you actually researched rather than word of mouth. Be a bit more professional in terms of contact, no one other than you should be contacting the contractor.
  8. I think it's truly just because they don't like to make male clothing. Even in other creative fields I know that the feminine style of things are very so much more preferred. I know plenty of successful artist who never painted/drew a male in their lives. It's their choice, but they are literally throwing away money not touching a market that is undersaturated. I draw, and I design (UI/UX/Web/Logos/Branding) but I have never touched 3d modeling, it's definitely something I would like to get into in the near future. I did notice that before mesh was popular that the more sophisticated style of dressing for males was a lot more popular than today. Then, there is the stigma that men in second life aren't that interested in fashion or investing much money into fashion. Hell, men in real life have that stigma attached to them. Designers just don't explore markets that seem unprofitable. We like clichés. But there are no cliché's for men's fashion on secondlife. I even logged back into IMVU to compare the two men's fashion departments. It seems that most of the sophistication disappeared from Imvu's catalog as well as they pander to younger generations. I see Gucci, Off-white, skinny jeans, and really nothing else. Young people love hype-beast fashion. However, in second life I realized the men here are much more mature, and then I also realized I have no Idea what the average mature man actually likes to wear. It seems that with age, most men have little concern for what they wear as long as it is clean. Just my insight, it may be very well hard for fashion-savvy men here, but twice as hard for designers.
  9. No one should ever pay for a demo. Even if it's only 1/3 of a penny, that adds up quite fast considering shopping is known to be one of the most time-consuming activities of the average SL user. I love finance, it's just doesn't benefit me to buy a 1L demo. It's not always about being poor or rich. Some of us budget our money carefully, and I could just never buy a 1L demo for that reason. Where is my value for the interest in your products?
  10. I don't think you're being sensitive but skeptical, and I can totally see why. Just because they are interested in Femdom, doesn't mean they're feminist. Therefore they could still hold many judgements about what you do. I honestly never check profile picks of random people, I doubt most people do. I'm assuming they already knew you were an escort and if they were really trying to maintain an image (being a female dominatrix is sex work (or sex roleplay) rather they like it or not; nor does it matter if they get monetary compensation) they should have told you prior to the event. In the even that they were unaware that you were an escort (meaning you randomly came to the event as a stranger), I could understand why they would tell you to edit your picks. It could be a strict rule they already set prior to you ever popping up on the scene. I know of an escorts who do come to events to advertise services, it's more common than you believe. But, then the above still applies. A definition check: Femdom: Female dominance, female domination, or femdom refers to BDSM relationships and BDSM scenes in which the dominant partner is female. Feminisim: the advocacy of women's rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes. So, don't sweat it, you have one less group to inquire about.
  11. Not really, I notice there is a lot of mentally unstable in general but I already pre-assumed that being anonymous on the internet would magnify that by a million.
  12. If you feel it truly fits the TOS. Since you did ask, I would say it's not worth it. Because they are spontaneous and seem to stem from different people does it really matter what a group of strangers think? You know who you are. Be confident and don't let anyone ruin your experiences. We all have different moral codes and ethics, unless you feel threatened/oppressed( meaning not having the rights of others; opinions don't count) then I would either a)let it blow over your shoulder, b)troll them with the utmost class (my favorite)
  13. Block those accounts. I'd be lucky for the feature in RL so enjoy it while you can. If they are sending you legitimate death threats and compromising your real life safety then report them.
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