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  1. I shall open photoshop and try this right away! Thank you!
  2. Alright everyone, say what you will about me, but after I demo'd the new TMP body, I gladly bought it. Little backstory about me - I do RP and play SL to have a 3D version of my OC, who has a very specific body shape. Slink Hourglass became my body of choice because it allowed me to have almost the right shape... almost. I was not aware of the reputation issues with TMP, I don't know a lot about community issues, honestly, I just knew TMP was a mesh body creator. A friend told me they released a new body, I demo'd it, and lo and behold, I find this body gives me the exact, perfect shape for my OC. Once again, I gladly bought TMP Legacy. Being used to how Slink's HUD works, the TMP HUDs are a bit scary to me, as I have no real idea what I'm doing. I'm hoping for at least Omega support in the future so I can wear previously purchased appliers, or at least for the TMP appliers that came bundled in to be updated for use with the new HUD. (Or I might just not have my TMP appliers installed correctly on my HUD? This is a whole other can of worms that I'd be fine leaving alone for now.) As for the deformers - they are FANTASTIC. I love them, and literally the only reason I have not begun to switch all my outfits over from Slink Hourglass to TMP Legacy is because I need to get a skin that will match the body for my Catwa head (sorta haven't done this out of laziness/forgetfulness.) The body comes with a wide range of skin colors and there are even neck blenders to help you blend the body skin with your head skin. (My problem with this is simply the way the shadowing under my jawline on my head skin is, so I need a new skin.) To address anyone who will come at me with "well why didn't you just buy X body instead of TMP Legacy and using deformers?" Once again, this body has given me the chance to finally have the perfect shape for my OC in SL. No other body has been able to do this for me. Hell, this body might give Slink Hourglass a run for its money if TMP gets support. (Catch me drooling over the perfect waistline on TMP.. lol) But, these deformers work quite well, I'm able to wear mesh clothing fitted for Belleza, Slink, and Maitreya. Some of the clothes I regret buying (because there were no fits for Slink Hourglass... I was a foolish noob) now work for me because of this. Or some clothing that was simply not given a fit for the body I have been using now work. I think it's a huge boon. The TMP Legacy body returns to normal once the deformers are detached. The mesh clothing is unharmed. The bento feet have me VERY excited, resize-able shoes was a thing that had me feeling fine with the SL system body for the longest time. It's just one more way people will be able to customize their shape. Seeing this finally done by someone is really interesting, I think. None of the big-name creators have even done this. I'll admit, now that I've read through this thread and seen that apparently TMP has a less-than-stellar reputation on SL, it makes me slightly nervous. But I'm going to be optimistic for once in my life, and, given the fact I have no previous experience with TMP, I'm willing to give them a chance. You're entitled to whatever opinion you have of me after reading all this. You're entitled to whatever opinion you have of TMP. Personally though, I'm still excited, and hoping all this goes well.
  3. Hmmmm I'm going to make one from scratch and see if it works. I swear I did everything right though.
  4. The build menu isn't even letting me select the option to do emissive masking. The dropdown is still grayed out. I'm so confused, what in the world have I possibly done wrong..? @-@
  5. Well, I saved it as 32 bit, but same result, not working in-world. 😧
  6. I will go back in and look at that, I figured it was saving as 32 bit by default.
  7. I figured by saying I was not new to making textures that it was obvious I'm not making extremely nooby mistakes. Calm down.
  8. Okay, fair enough. But my problem is in saving the texture and then getting it to work in-world. I've got an alpha channel set up on my test texture but when I save it as .tga it simply doesn't work in-world.
  9. Thanks for replying but you're telling me things I already know. lol
  10. So I am trying to learn how to create emissive masks. I've gotten everything just about done: I chose a test texture, created a mask in Photoshop (all parts show up as red that I do not want to glow in-world, and the vice versa for white), and saved as a targa (.tga) file. I have tested it in-world and... no emission, I can't even use the menu to change it, the dropdown is grayed out. What am I doing wrong? Can I get some advice? I am not new to texturing but I am new to this type of texturing. I have a feeling I am quite close to having this figured out, but I do not understand why it's not working in-world.
  11. This is true. I don't ever have a problem with LODs so I legit forgot about it for a bit. And when I do see it, I personally don't care if things turn into wacky triangles at a certain distance anyway. *shrug* But I see your point. Generally mesh has a lower LI, but I know there's exceptions, depends on size as well.
  12. Curses. It blew my mind when I learned of these and my VERY first thought was about how to implement them into my work. lol I appreciate the answer! ^-^ Maybe someday they'll get support... I can dream.
  13. Prims aren't the best for building. 1 LI for each prim. Whereas when you link mesh items, sometimes it can decrease LI. Low LI = more room to build.
  14. Baked lighting is horrible, in my opinion. Having materials is better, and more realistic.
  15. So, I've recently become a texturer, mostly creating specular and normal maps, sometimes diffuse maps, and usually for buildings. Now, I've also recently learned of the difference between a vector image and a raster image. So tell me - would I be able to create vector textures? Are they possible? If yes, why in the world is no one using them? If no, why can I not do this? I'd love to hear feedback and get answers!
  16. Dødette nods her head slowly. "Very interesting..." She glances around, then adds, "Doesn't seem like there's much going on right now."
  17. Dødette looks up again, then replies, "Oh, well, I seem to have been transported here by mistake, but I'm interested to see what's going on here." She replaces the dagger into its holder at the back of her belt, as a courtesy.
  18. Please tell me this is still active, I'd love to join! My RPC/OC is an elf and is basically a merc, would love to run with this kinda stuff
  19. Dødette sees the feline being looking at her, then glances back down to her nails, disappointed but not surprised that the polish is quite chipped.
  20. Dødette Ragnarok has accidentally teleported into the room - she was trying to go somewhere else from the drop-down list but clicked on the wrong option. She looks around, noticing she's the only one armed to the teeth. She leans up against a wall, watching everyone else interacting and being quite silly, pulls a dagger from the back of her belt, and begins to nonchalantly pick out the dirt from under her nails with it.
  21. I'm not interested in family but I'd be more than happy to be your friend o: My OC is an elf too ^-^
  22. You and me both. I was on another site a lot, constantly doing RP. I come here, thought I found a place, and they kick me out for being different. lol
  23. No, but I will now! ^-^
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