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  1. Well, my avatar is a manifestation of another side of me. SL let's me be free to explore things that otherwise would be impossible in RL. People in RL frown upon those that like to dress sexy/*****ty (for example), or those that express different than the norm. In SL, like the start of the video clip "Promises" from Calvin Harris says, we are not only accepted but celebrated. And even though I don't need to be celebrated, it's nice when occasionally happens. And feels so good to be accepted. It's my id. My desires that society wants me to repress.
  2. I have these issues too. Couldn't LL fix this? I haven't quite understood the bake on mesh. But could it be a way to solve these bugs?
  3. I like to explore alone. Also spend a lot of time checking group messages and getting gifts. And it's always fun to try them out. Even if most don't fit quite well, does that so make up for the lost time.
  4. No alpha glitches is great news. Guess it will solve the problem with my current hair that has some alpha which causes in some angles to be able to see inside the clothes. Also, would it be possible to wear multiple tattoos? I would like to be able to combine tattoos. Some are small, but would look great adding some other tattoos.
  5. khry5


    I'm having the same problem trying to apply tattoo's to the maitreya body. After clicking the tattoo hud if I choose the tattoo layer, it doesn't show on body. But if I choose the clothing layer it shows up. The same happens with underwear, it doesn't show up if i choose the apply to the underwear layer. Sometimes the tattoo shows up. Sometimes after I exited and logged in again. But not always. I've checked the body has all layers visible. Not sure what could be.
  6. Guess if the average joe is afraid of role playing with a male as female, then the average joe should stay away from sl. Even in bars it's not 100% guaranteed, but at least is very less likely. If they meet the woman of their dreams and find out she is a post-op trans, I know they would leave her. But that, in my view, is the worng way of thinking (others may disagree at will). Another thing the average joe should learn is that most people come here to rp. To experience what they can't in rl. To give a touch of reality to some dreams (even if virtually). If they can't live with that. Well,
  7. I'm on second life to RP and explore what I can't in RL If I'm feeling a little more sexy one day or have any special desire, I dress my avatar for the occasion. But normally, I little to dress my avatar normally. I even regret that it's almost impossible to wear underwear (except as tattoos) under normal clothes without seeing through. Most girls/women like to wear sexy clothes for a special event (not minimalist clothes, but sexy). SL is a special event everyday
  8. I have the same problem. Bought a maitreya body, and not even all clothes fit right. Some let parts of the body showing. Quite a lot more that I was expecting to happen. So I eventually try a lot of demos, to only buy a couple of things, and sometimes it makes me sad as some that I have to trash are really beautifull. As for underwear under the clothes, only a few could fit right. Unless those that go like a tattoo. I'm new in SL, so not sure if there is anything else to do. Btw, when we change outfit, does the tattoo layers change too? And how do I remove a single tattoo?
  9. Exactly. It's so disappointing to find a perfect outfit on display, and then just see it doesn't fit the body quite well after trying the demo, showing parts of the body. I love to try clothes, so demos are great for that. But most times I like to go to a sandbox to try things, and then I have to go back to the store to buy it. Also, not all items have a demo available. Not to mention I would love to be able to wear underwear underneath normal clothes and not having them show through. It would be more realistic.
  10. I tried reducing my size. But it didn't worked. The alpha cuts your referring to hiding some "parts" of the body using the hud? Fot this case it didn't work. Guess I'll have to trash the outfit. But some I really love them, and can't find a simimlar outfit. Thought there was some editing it could be done to the outfit.
  11. I'm looking to solve the same issue. I also have a Maitreya body. And even with only a dress, no bra, the dress doesn't cover quite well. In some cases it's even worse. Is there a solution? Or simply give up on any garment that has this problem?
  12. Hi, Resurrecting an old topic. I'm new in SL Already read a lot, bought a Maitreya Lara body, a Catwa head, a few shopping sprees for some clothing, shoes, and other accessories (already spent more time shopping in SL than in RL the whole year) As far as genitalia goes , is XCite still a good option? The more compatible with items and the other users? The site seems a little outdated. Or is Vaw more advanced and used now? And more compatible? Thanks
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