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  1. HI there, my home region had a restart round about one hour ago, I still cant to back. The region is called Brighton. Please help. Thanks
  2. My first Forum answer ever, since I have a second life. And well. The question is simple: Is there a possibility to get A COMPLETE NEW MESH BENTO AVATAR??? As the first entry says: actually I dont want to lose my face because I thought, my avatar is pretty... Of course it is much more natural looking, when fingers move, a mouth moves or it simply looks better. I am back for some weeks now after a long pause. And what can I say? It drives me nuts to see clothes, to have to look: is it for my old avi? Yes I already have a bento avi, but to put so many more items (alphas) for a normal outfit is really odd. Then the price for ... yes, for what? The marketplace is full of stuff, but what is really complete? Search for complete, you will find a COMPLETE moving mouth, or COMPLETE skin, but hey, this one is only for Belleza, the other one is totally great for another creator. Oh and hey, dont forget the COMPLETE Applier for not having a cut on your throat which looks like you had a suizide try ... there is never clearly A COMPETE AVATAR NEW MESH... however... Oh, what was the question? Ah, yes: Is there a complete new avatar? Payable (not 3,999 LS). Hope to get help... feel free to add me inworld, if you can help. Thanks in Advance
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