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  1. this is what I use: I dont know if it suit anyone, it works for me till now. What I referenced: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Material_Data https://docs.substance3d.com/spdoc/creating-export-presets-98959398.html You dont even need the third map (specular one) if the mesh is not a metal thing, as the alpha channel of normal map do the work, as the wiki says.
  2. Hello! I use blender and avastar to make my own body. It's a mesh body of others (A), which has been bound to a skeleton(a). I use the upper part of it to creat my body(B), and binds it to another skeleton(b). I adjust the skeleton(b) to make it same with (a), and I convert body(A)'s weight to body(B), so either the skeleton or weight is same. I didn't do anything with this part of mesh in blender. And i upload both A and B into SL. As a result, other parts of body fits well as it should do, but some parts (which belongs to Chest joint) doesn't fit. The Chest of B is always bigger than th
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