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  1. I really want to learn how to make second life clothing, shoes, make-up, hair., skin and shapes. I will take any help i get can, the clothing tutorials and videos on the internet haven't been of much help, I would like one-on-one training
  2. Hi! This is my first post here so I am not sure what is and what isnt allowed so i am sorry if i am breaking any rules. I have been searching and searching in world and on the marketplace and i cannot find a modern day asylum/mental health hospital. I cannot build i am completely clueless (lol). I am willing to pay for a good modern day asylum furnished to some point and with many patient rooms and units. (i dont want haunted or sex themed, just a plain modern day respectful one) if you think you could help please message me! My real SL name is CherryTwixtX and my dsplay name is Tiffany Jade. Thanks in advance
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