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  1. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SSOC/73/183/29 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SSOC/181/250/1104 probably one of the most detailed sims i've ever been in, they allow rezzing as well ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^just a part of the subway system dont let my little picture fool you there is an entire city full of great locations, this is just the underground its on a full region, so its a pretty massive area and is split into two parts just search SSOC in the viewer
  2. the shape promo card i wouldn't shop too much because that can be off putting for some (not saying it is in yours just saying some people like seeing what something look exactly like it would inworld) . I think yours is fine, just a bit high on the exposure or saturation side, but the background is nice. I wouldn't use hair that covers the body shape, but only if your not selling it as just a face shape. Cant really help with the photo shop side of things for you, I haven't the faintest on how to use it. I can help keep your thread bumped though.
  3. what i would do is set up an alt with some cameras and use shadow play on one monitor and host the talk show on the other with the hud on the alt hidden of course so you would be able to stream from twitch or youtube or something similar from the alt camera perspective, only if you were to do a televised live talk show but yeah best bet would be to stream something like skype, although discord might be nicer to use these days, but yeah you would just broadcast the sound from discord and people can chime in and everyone would be able to hear it and then record the audio wi
  4. @loverdag I don't know what the viewer resolution limit is for second life, but if you use dsr via nvidia control panel (idk what the amd equivalent is) and use full screen mode you should be able to set the viewer resolution much higher than 4k regardless of your monitor. You can change the resolution in the debug settings for full screen resolution. *note, i have not actually tried this but in theory it should work also you might want to try taking the screen shot using a different screenshot tool depending on how the one that comes with reshade works if the reshade scree
  5. @Prokofy Neva Yeah what i was trying to get at was you shouldn't really need firestorm or a ridiculous computer to take good photos I think clarity is more attribute to high quality textures and meshes and using a higher resolution in snapshot The first pic is at 6144x3286 Second on is at 4480x6144 Third is at 6144x1440 Between my first and second example you can see a pretty big difference in the quality of the objects and stuff Not because of particular graphics setting but just due to the fact that those objects are at the best they will look S
  6. @Prokofy Neva well firestorm has photo tools where you can mess with different settings its not really special effects it lets you change certain quality settings firestorm you might be able to get better performance out of (is what everyone says) and it adds a lot more functionality to certain things that aside the only two things that will really bog down your system when taking pictures are draw distance and shadows people take amazing pictures with and without shadows, so i would say that's a real optional thing you really don't need a really power
  7. looks like a pretty easy tool to use reshade is a bit more complicated but once you get the hand of that and things like enb its a easy tool to use. and not only that you can constantly use it to enhance the graphical appearance of second life without really effecting lag and frame rate since its not streamed and its only on your end
  8. really depends on how keen apple is on staying in certain professional markets which is probably not many anymore, linux and windows probably have a good foot hold on almost all of them. except the large following of people that think macs are "god" tools for audio engineering and things of that sort apple and most other companies only really care about the larger consumer base, so if dropping openGL doesn't effect that they wont think twice about doing it.
  9. To anyone interested in more work from the second example https://www.flickr.com/photos/124454595@N03 Name is John Garrison and he does some amazing work with second life and reshade
  10. For me it depends on what you are looking to actually trying to do. If you are just trying to capture moments and experiences then leaving your graphics & phototool settings where they are is fine because your not trying to make a piece of art but more trying to capture a memory. if you are trying to increase the fidelity and uniqueness of your pictures, then depending on you pc specs i would try to make your own windlights and change a lot of the phototool settings and even some debug setting, and also changing the resolution in the snapshot tool depending on the type of shot
  11. what i do now is turn shadow bias all the way up and kick it back incrementally until the eyelash shadows disappear and the hair shadows and everything else stays new ex below now i just need to figure out how to solve the blockey shadows that happen when you try to take pictures at certain angles in relation to the light source
  12. Is it possible to get rid of the shadows created by eyelashes when taking pictures? Example in picture below
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