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  1. You don't have to be mean about it, you're not interested then move along. I did not ask for AD advice from you, I asked for what is suitable for me and my needs I think this is what ADs are made for, you ask for what you seek/need. What's the point if I ask for something that's going to make my job more difficult. I am trying to make it easy for both parties, but hey if you don't prefer to voice with people or can't for health issues as you pointed in your previous comment, I hope your health get better, but still not everyone has your same condition. So, maybe there is someone out there who
  2. It's why I said it's not a requirement. It was just a prefrence. Also just to be able to actually hear me and hear instructions given if needed. They don't actually have to talk. What I meant by mesh bento, meaning bento hands, bento mesh head. for the anims to look decent. EX: Gianni body, Catwa Daniel head etc.. ♥ Thanks for responding though
  3. I am a Female photographer, I am seeking a Male model to model with me for my couple poses. (Preferably someone who could use or hear voice, to make instructing much easier for both of us, you don't have to talk in voice, just be able to hear me that would be enough) It is not a requirement, but it would make it much easier, if you can't hear voice, IM me its no problem really. The only requirement is the avatar MUST be a mesh bento avatar, as all the poses I am going to be doing are bento, please IM me In-World if you are interested, or leave me a NC if I was offline. Here's my flickr if
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