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  1. Fashion interests/blogging taking pictures etc
  2. Well im guessing the title already explains this topic mainly, But just too be extra clear im a young adult from Europe i spent most of my time in SL blogging,taking pictures etc and im hoping too find a family or siblings that share the same interests unless the vibe is just really good between us then you dont need too be into the same interests, I can seem shy at first but if the vibe between us is perfect then i wont stop talking about the dumbest topics, If your interested then please send me a message in world
  3. im so happy i dont have pictures of my old avi i looked like a misformed demon oof..
  4. Do your kids need too have a kid or toddler avi ? Cause im looking for a mom but i only just have a adult avatar
  5. So by the title you probably already know what im looking for Im looking for a Sugar Daddy honestly thats about it lmao just send me a message if you're interested Dont start hating on me just because i want a sugardaddy i dont just want a sugardaddy for the money but also too be very close and good friends with (all hate comments will be ignored so dont bother too write something nasty about me ♥)
  6. ik heb ook geen adult content of zo iets, ik zeg alleen dat ik een volwassen avi heb
  7. ik blijf liever gewoon dichtbij mezelf helemaal met mijn stijl, als je mijn stijl niks vindt dan hoef je mij ook niet in je familie te hebben ik dwing je niet, en als er wel een VS familie is die mij wilt en mijn stijl gwn goed vindt dan ben ik blij
  8. Hey i'm looking for a pair of loving parents, I dont mind if there are any other kids i can get along with anyone, Im 17 years old and i live in the netherlands, I do have a adult avi (nothing sexual) and a very different style but i hope that wont bother you too much im not gonna change my style for anyone either. If your interested please let me know !
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