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  1. Thank you Lillith. I’ll check that out. I’m a creature of habit, though, and I like familiar things. That’s why I wanted to find that mall. ? And thanks for the welcome, Syn. ☺️
  2. Yes yes! That’s the one! Thank you so much. I know it’s older, but it’s still fun. Much love...been hunting that all day. ?
  3. I know this is a long shot, but it’s worth a try. It has been years since I’ve been on SL, and I lost my previous account. I have been looking for an in-world mall that I used to go to once in a while, especially when I was new...but I can’t find it. it was very busy, and quite large, so I’m sure it’s still there. It was rated either M or A. It had, I believe, 5 different levels, with clothing, skins, AO’s, tattoos. A lot of free or almost free stuff, so it was good for newbs...like I am all over again, it seems. it had stairs and teleport era to move between levels. I know
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