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  1. I have been wanting to change my name to drop the numbers and resident..but don't care for any of these names..wish we could pick our own ..So for now, will keep my numbers..lol
  2. thank you...there was NOT a check in that box....I checked it and it's now working properly !! Thank you so much for your help...
  3. I was able to get one of the new linden houseboats and love it !! My BF and I own another home and had planned to give it up and just live on the houseboat...however, we have a problem or mostly HE does...we both are SL live singers...before shows we send out notices and also subscribo notices...He is unable to get his subscribo to send while on the houseboat...I can send fine...he has to TP back to our other house to send his...also, his hud for his guitar won't work properly on the houseboat..and even at times huds for clothing etc.... Can anyone explain to me why this could be happening
  4. Yes.....I don't have time to refresh until something comes up....ughhhhh
  5. I also abandoned my old linden home hoping for a new one...so how do we know when they will become available ??
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