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  1. Im message you :3 id love too be friends You got it right :3
  2. My online dad [aka my dad] encouraged me to try and seek one but this isnt going so well so ima see if a mod will lock this..
  3. Hello I am a 29 year old female in rl and secondlife and am seeking a partner of the same age or older. I want someone who can emotional support me and is open minded. I have two online dads/ one of which who is also my dom. I live on their land so you do not need to have a house. I would however like an account that is over a year old as I feel they would be less likely to take off without warning. Be warned I am a full time artist so if I don't answer don't panic. I do like to run around stores and events [i love collecting gifts or do hunts] so It would be nice if you did to or didn't mind
  4. I am a tiny feral fox looking for other feral friends. Please note i am only looking for friends ^.^ as I am happily owned. I prefer the canine viarity but will be friendly with most anyone Id love to meet more foxes to if possible I am still getting set up on this account so meetings may be delayed for a bit. I am an artist so there may be times that i will be unavailable. But hello nice to meet ya'll.
  5. this is the wrong forum
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