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  1. every tool i know will switch all alpha highlights off.. not just some.. in the advanced menu there are the options under "highlight and viability" and of course "alphas" under" Render types" those and all others i have tried will switch off the ones i can still see only. all the other alpha blends remain un-highlighted. Its not the end of the world, I can always do a fresh install.. but, i was interested to know what it was that did it.
  2. any ideas as to what that might be?
  3. what obscure tool would switch off these alpha highlights but not the alpha masks.. i have trolled through everything and was at a lose.. thought someone else might have come across it before. I know is not my hardware as i have tried it on two different GPU's.
  4. its ok Lindal.. thanks anyway!
  5. yes... but that doesnt answer my question. I know i have "messed with an obscure alpha channel" thats my question.. what obscure tool would do this. I dont need a condescending and lengthy explanation as to what an alpha channel is. and the viewer i am using is Phoenix Firestorm latest update is that "modern" enough? Please dont get shirty with me. either you know the answer or you dont... in which case please be quiet.
  6. thanks Lindal Kidd I have been a heavy SL user since 2006 and a full time pro builder for 5 of those years.. but thank's for putting me straight on my terms. FYI: an alpha is any texture using .png to create semi transparency... not just cloths. its an industry term , not just SL... but, thanks for the help. anyone have a serious possible explanation?
  7. For some reason when i press Ctl+Alt+T, i can no longer see SOME alphas. Invisiprims seem to be there but alphas no... can anyone help?
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