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  1. ....Oh. Right. The shoe brand. I feel like LL should have avoided banning brand names that happen to be every day words...
  2. A big reason I see things not fit in SL the way they fit in Blender is because you may be using the wrong Avastar version. Make sure you are using the same exact Blender and Avastar version that the dummy was created in. Also, try uploading with and without joint positions included.
  3. try removing LI and replacing it with Land Impact.
  4. It would be awesome, in the future, to have a list of words which are allowed and unallowed in listings. Unsurprisingly for me, it was the keyword "Pokemon" that got a few things unlisted. I get it and that's fine! But it would be nice to know instead of a vague message
  5. Right... thanks for clearing that up Arton! it also doesn't say what you would name a high LOD mesh. Would that be _LOD3? so, paw1_LOD3, paw2_LOD3 and paw3_LOD3? Or does the highest LOD not need to be named as such? It looks like i should be naming my lowest LOD paw1_LOD0 etc., so I will give that a shot today.
  6. Sorry -- by naming scheme I mean the naming of the individual objects within the scene, e.g. paw1, paw2, and paw3 being the exact same in both my LOD0 and physics. I will be uploading these paws one by one, but have a few more future uploads that are linksets which will have their own LODs, and am wondering if maybe I need to name the objects within the scene differently.
  7. Ahh - I totally didn't notice that they are totally being swapped around! Which is odd, because my naming scheme is consistent I was trying to upload multiple objects for matter of convenience and to save L once I import these into main grid, but it's being the opposite of convenient right now.
  8. Unfortunately, we had two run-ins with the same user again just this week. I'm reporting and doing everything in my power but it's a bit discouraging. I will keep reporting and see what happens, but at this rate I'm considering that he might be using multiple IPs to ban evade. It's really disappointing when users who are new to the community keep sending me logs of the same thing that I've been seeing and hearing about for years now. Either way, we're staying diligent about banning when he does reappear. The kicker is... he knows who I am (as part of sim staff)... and messaged ME with the
  9. It's not a super urgent issue, but I am looking for the correct way to add multiple LODs of a model manually. I am making 3 unrigged paws which are linked objects. In Blender, I applied all scales and rotations. Each LOD export has the objects named "paw 1", "paw 2" and "paw3" When I upload the lowest LOD paws on their own, they look like this But when I set them as a submesh to these paws: the lowest LOD suddenly looks like this! I've exported various LODs (about 4 different LOD levels to see what I liked best) and they all have the strangely raised or lower
  10. Hi Dakota, This information is very helpful. If I were the one making the reports, I would be definitely adding the info about what I believe their other avatar names are. However, unsurprisingly, they never message me directly. I also feel a bit strange advising people who get these IMs to include the name of the supposed alts of the person in question in their AR, since it may be their first run-in with said person. Could I be sending an AR, as a third party, if I get notified that someone has received these explicit IMs? Or would that just be extra clutter?
  11. Right -- we're doing that, and the ARs do appear to be working because their accounts appear to be de-activated hours to days after said incidents. However, is there any way for LL to prevent them from being able to make more accounts? Are IP bans a thing?
  12. Hello, I am looking for advice on a user who creates new accounts and then joins groups to send sexually explicit messages to child avatars (e.g. avatars of children owned by 18+ users) I am an admin on a PG furry sim that's child-avatar friendly and have to ban said user, who creates new accounts every few weeks, from multiple groups. He specifically targets child furry avatars and small looking furry avatars, but never actually comes on-sim to any of the locations who's groups he goes to. I have made people aware of the issue and educated people on how to file abuse reports from their vie
  13. m0ld

    Aditi/Beta Grid Down?

    My bad for double posting, but I just wanted to add that this ticket is now marked as resolved with this as the note: "Bugsly Linden: Due to us testing the login service we had some down time, it should be up and working now." It seems like the intermittent disconnects were due to this, and then the downtime this weekend was probably due to the pause in testing which left the login servers down... or so I'm guessing. Hopefully they will let us know next time they update the Aditi login service, but if not it does say that they don't need to send notice about any changes to the beta g
  14. m0ld

    Aditi/Beta Grid Down?

    Thank you so much for filing a bug, I'll make sure to add to it when I get more information about what's happening. I guess the issue is widespread enough that there's now multiple topics on the issue. I checked http://aditi.coreqa.net/gridtool.php , there are people online but it seems like only a small handful. I'd like to test the weights on this dress I was working on soon... Hopefully.
  15. m0ld

    Aditi/Beta Grid Down?

    I assumed that the grid was just down for maintenence but access to the grid has been extremely spotty for the past week. I was able to get in on the 17th and 18th, but wasn't able to again today.
  16. One friend says they're able to connect to beta grid after changing locations in Firestorm for a few times. I've had another friend tell me they haven't been able to access Beta Grid for 3 days via Firestorm. I am also on Firestorm and am unable to access beta grid and have tried about 20 times with different locations selected. Is Beta Grid down?
  17. Thanks. Here's the bug report in case anyone here has anything they would like to add. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-225332 Seems like the blank listing names are created by Firestorm, and that it may have something to do with moving more than one item into a listing (e.g when you have more than one of the same gacha in a folder). If anyone knows what I might be doing to create the un-named listings, let me know! It would sure save me a lot of time not having to individually rename all of the listings without a name
  18. My steps: 1. Go to Marketplace Listings 2. Select multiple listings (i've found that more than 3 usually gives this error) 3. Go to "Modify Selected Items: Edit" and press Go 4. change some fields... in this case I'm mass-editing "Permissions", "Details" and "Category". 5. Press Update This is the error I receive: "So sorry to keep you waiting. We'll be right back! We've been notified about this issue and we'll take a look at it shortly." EDIT: I'm seeing that it's related to marketplace listings that have no titles. Even if I get the error, the listings with
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