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  1. Large stores are infuriating to navigate but I love doing mouseview to get the real feel. Some like to cam. I usually work around the outside displays systematically, breaking off for the centre islands. It takes concentration and a good memory. I sometimes have to resort to MP to refind something. I'm presently revisiting all my LM stores to restock. Finding new ones is tough but I'm up for the challenge! On MP I just bang things into my wishlist for later, or sometimes basket, which seems to have settled down now. My pet hate is crowded laggy stores with avis hanging round gachas a
  2. Just one quick photo of my new biker jacket. Ellie persuaded me to buy one, and my new leather hot-pants, Ellie persuaded me to buy a pair, and my red PVC top, which Ellie had nothing to do with, Haha!!!
  3. The remake latest films based on the first series are just unmissable...……….and I can keep watching and re-watching...………...but the Star Wars recent stuff I tried but just don't get what's going on, although I like the female lead.
  4. I never really got Star Wars. Can't see what the fuss is about. I'm a Trekky. Simple as that. And I'm still looking for Picard on here...……..
  5. Nice look! The trouble with Alts is that they nag at you all day in your head. They want the same treatment. They want to look good. I have trouble with Ellie. She's constantly in my head saying "Let ME on, let ME on, let ME on....Pleeeeeease". So I give way to her and she goes in world and has a great time, and wants even more...………...
  6. This was news to me. Never been interested in arcade stuff. I just watched the trailer...….errrr…..yeah funny I suppose, but I won't be watching that any time soon. The hedgehog doesn't look real. I know I know, but with today's tech surely it could have been made realistic, given that it plays out in real world...…...
  7. But you could be...….if the perks were worth it!
  8. Yeah, I know, a wall of text...……..please bear with me...…... Friday 3rd May is my first Rezz Day. Oh boy! what a year! I really didn't think SL was for me after my first day. Even making an account was a tough call. I'm not a gamer. That first day, walking round the newbie sims, not speaking to anyone, and scared of the shadows, (well, if there were any!) - it was all very odd. I came back the next day for a make or break. I nearly didn't bother. I don't know how I found Marketplace, but I was like a moth to a flame! Did I really want to spend money????? Pffft! that was neve
  9. Yes every variation...…….even though our profiles tell the story, ok in an slightly obtuse way, more guys don't get it straight away. So some just hit on one of us...……..some on two. The ones who hit all three tend to copy and paste...……. One guy said "your sister said exactly the same"...…..Oh duh? really? When I tell them they are usually surprised. A few old stagers get it straight away....the profile readers.
  10. Our second ever day out as three sisters, and we had so much fun. Because we were fielding so many chat up lines, it took forever, but was so enjoyable...…... Baywatch and lingerie themes...……..
  11. So I've been out with the girls today, taking some sister shots, which will appear later when I have chance to sort them out. I can't have all three of us in world very often as it stretches everything.....concentration, IT, and so on, but we did some Baywatch stuff and some Lingerie shots. Here we are at Zennessa's beach...……………………………...
  12. ^^^^This reminds me of a hot tub story which I couldn't possibly re-tell here!!!!
  13. Getting tired and full of cold, but if there was a forum village sim where all forumites had a chalet (even a beach hut) and was only accessible to Premium it would tempt me. Yeah I love the hangout but its usually deserted, unless there's something going on.
  14. Exactly Exactly Exactly. It has to be "monkey see, monkey want" and it just isn't for me.
  15. Thing is, without self control (I have none when it comes to clothes), I end up with too many colours of the same garment, and too many outfits which are almost identical. So like for like in RL I wouldn't have as much as here in SL. And the stuff I never wear would be down the charity shop. Maybe SL should run a donate your unwanted clothing scheme, which could then be sold at a discount. I don't suppose the original sellers would like it much but it would help those with fewer Lindens to spend. Shoes are different and if I could afford my SL shoe inventory in RL I would have i
  16. Mmm.. That wet cardboard smell.
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