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  1. I think there's also another distinction. Some people first come into SL as a (perfect) version of themselves. Others come in world as a primary alt of their RL self. So in the first case (which is what I did) it's RL me/SL me plus two alts. So my alts can never truly take over. But in the second case it's RL person plus three SL alts. In this case it seems that each alt has equal status, so any could become the main. That's me thinking aloud!
  2. My main has all the money........ But little sister is fighting hard for equality........ Third sister is happy to stay third....... It does morph, and guy dodging shifts the dynamics.
  3. Sure you're not over-thinking this Scylla? For sure some avis creep me out, but its more about inherant lack of attractiveness than anything else. /me shrugs and moves on (to the next avi pic) 🙄
  4. The Lara hud has a number of presets. I'm on my phone so I can't grab a screenshot, but go into the hud and find the skin shades row. Try each one and you should fix it, unless you were using a bought in skin. In that case the skin and applier will be in your inventory.
  5. I wasn't offended, but Justines post did reflect a lack of understanding and appreciation of the environment here. Clearly it can be intimidating to walk into this virtual room of photographers, and we've all stood at the door and peered over the threshold, but an insecurity in relation to posting an image doesn't sit well with a text wall of what some might see as essentially negative feedback. I hope we hear from Justine again and I hope it includes an image or two, but somehow, I think that Sarah might have nailed it. Only time will tell...…….
  6. Please don't let any of those perceptions put you off. We were all new here once, and this is the most friendly and inclusive place I know in SL. Nobody is judging what you do, it's not for that, as Rhonda just said, we are here to have fun, that's all. Whatever your level you'll be made welcome, and you can learn an awful lot from everyone here if you want to improve. I only started using Windlight in January, and apart from an occasional crop, and using a generic format from my laptop, I don't photo-edit. Although now Skell has spilled the beans on the free ones, that might change.
  7. I still need to figure out how to enable this function, but I know that I was sent an offline IM while I was away, and I didn't get it in my IMs when I logged on...….so it disappeared.
  8. That would also be with 'no payment details on file'??
  9. You're saying things I can't compute. OMG! If it had looked like that a year ago when I peered into the rabbit hole I would not have joined. That looks way too gamey for me........... *shakes head*
  10. I keep thinking about creating my perfect guy here in SL, because he hasn't shown up yet. But I'm not sure I have the patience. I've gone so far as to research bodies and heads but that's all. If I do this, it would be quite amusing to hit up some of the Forum Angels to see what happened......... *evil grin*......😊
  11. "Assassin" suits that look better...……...……..*dives for cover*
  12. Sufficiently eloquent without a doubt. Well behaved? I have insufficient data derived from sufficiently close encounters to be able to establish a benchmark...…….. 😉
  13. /me facepalms I only just realised that offline IM to e-mail is possible. I need to tick that box later today...........👩‍💻
  14. My shopping tip of the day: In your MP store of choice, set the values high so that only FPs come up. That way you only get a few pages. Find what you want and just get the colour you want. Or the FP, obviously. 😎 It works incredibly well with hair.
  15. I came across Mr Persistence yesterday. He was after the obvious, and the questions were relentless, including two tp requests and a friends request....all turned down. Me: "You ask a lot of questions for a guy with a blank profile" Him: "I don't think it matters" He's about four months in.......
  16. Isn't cloaking your real age a major part of SL?😊 And its also the most common question in world in my short experience here. One thing I will say.... the older guys (the ones who admit their age) have the best chat and behaviour. At least in my experience. In fact one guy opened up with "I'm 66 so I guess you won't be interested". Oh and at the time I was in my Wonder Woman outfit.......and dancing with a guy I just met. But the 66 year old became one of my oldest SL friends, and nothing to do with his RL age. Here I'm 32 *coughs* and my sisters are 28 and 25. And that's
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