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  1. Reveal Our Pleasure, Erotic Session GROWS
  2. What??? Wait...... Chimes Blowing........fine Mice Pudding????? What?????? Let me help. Chimes Blowing = Blowing Glass = Glass Mice = Mice Pudding = Pudding Pleasure 😂
  3. Well on the subject of age, my mother lived in the same house for 83 years I was born there. My grandfather and great grandmother died there. Now I'm clearing that much family history from that house, which will pass on to a new family eventually. I have such memories of growing up ......without a fridge, but with a meat safe on a limestone slab. Having the cooking range coal fired in the back room. Having washing hanging from hooks in the ceiling. So many memories. When things get tough I escape here. Its distractive. Its entertaining mostly. It would be even better without the arm wrestling, but that's life, and second life.
  4. Ok I haven't slogged through much of this thread. TL:DR I have alts. You know who they are. It's not a secret. I don't allow them into GD, spouting stuff I don't agree with or care about..... Can somebody please explain why some people hide behind an alt here??? Just to be devious? Is it fear? Just why? If you have something to say, why not just say it? Sometimes I just don't get what's going on at all.
  5. For the record, this up -step style is enforced by the tight skirt, not the heels. Just saying.
  6. From the dance at Momo's.....no colour editing or light editing on these. Two were cropped, the other is a screen shot. First image is Saskia and I with a front projector light. The other two are me being me........
  7. This was the most amazing fun, so thanks to Momo for hosting the dance............................
  8. I just don't care. It's just a logo. Ok, blue isn't my colour. I would prefer green, or pretty much anything over blue, apart from grey. To me, I see a hand more than an eye. Just another day in SL. Has there ever been a thread which hasn't gone down the pan into mud slinging? I cant think of one.
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