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  1. Just all of the above. Shopping, dressing up, dancing, chatting and some lovely people to chat with! The ultimate de-stresser........
  2. More Gifplay..........irresistable and I love this jacket dress so much!!!! (ISON). ?
  3. I'm still just loving dressing up and living a simple SL life!!! My 5 month rezz day was yesterday, and apart from coming across a naked guy while taking my photos it all went well!!! Why do some guys do that? Why do some guys send sexually explicit IM's? Oh well, it's easy enough to hit the block button...............? Most of this stuff is from ISON!!!!
  4. This was my journey, only a few weeks ago, which might help! Dies war meine Reise, nur vor ein paar Wochen, die helfen könnte! https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/424600-mesh-heads-yes-i-know_/
  5. The Cavalry will be along quite soon.............. The word mesh will get used plenty!
  6. I didn't know about the existence of lucky chairs until yesterday, and I've never seen one, despite intensive shopping trips........
  7. My inventory is evolving slowly from utterly random at the start. When I changed to a mesh Avi, that made me separate mesh clothing from non mesh. That was the beginning. Now I have a mesh clothing heading and within that is dresses, tops and bottoms. Any clothing which doesn't fit those categories just sits in clothing. Then I made an underwear heading, and so far that's not sub divided. Neither is my hair heading, or shoes heading. In objects I have sub headings for rings, chokers and bracelets. everything else sits in objects. To make things easy I keep my favourite outfits saved so that I can just click "wear" and an outfit will appear. I'm up to number 52 and there are a few /a and /bs in there. I also keep a colour co-ordinated Word file as a reminder of what I use, and yes I've spent a lot of L$ on outfits I don't wear. On Tuesday I had a bout of shopping madness, and having just gone through my shopping bags, there are a few things I probably will never use, as they don't look so great as in the store. Whether to delete all the non-relevant fits from one item? I've considered that but the time it would take is better spent in world!!!
  8. Maybe we should start a parallel thread titled How often do you admire other peoples avatars? There are a small number on here who are utterly gorgeous, and some of the guys on here aint bad either. How come the top looking guys are so rare in world????????? Hehe.
  9. This ^^^^ sums me up. Of course I admire my Avi. I've made her as good as I can, and all Avis are works of art. Like Alyona says......SL is all about narcissism for some many, and tail-chasing for the rest. by the guy Avis........................
  10. I think it might have. Nova's was off at the breakfast club when she disabled everyone else's (for her). I tried it later and my tag disappeared, so maybe it's changed..........
  11. It's just like the cloak from Harry Potter!!!!! Disable the name tag and you can move around in peace and quiet!!!
  12. This Gif 'Gift' (see what I did there?) is quite addictive.................I must try not to overdo it. Hah! fat chance of that! There's cheese and wine, and muffins if you want to drop by........... Like the intruder guy did yesterday......................I need a phaser.........(Trekky reference).
  13. My latest posh clubbing dress, also has a long option.........................................hehe
  14. I just had to put this Gyazo thing to the test.............let's hope it's idiot proof.....*gulps*........and waits for the inevitable disappointment.......... Well I saved a Gif, and downloaded it, but it's over the 4.88MB file size? So how do I shrink it to fit???? Please? Ooooooo!! Update!!! I tried a smaller screen shot and it worked!!!!!!! WooHoo!!!
  15. I try to keep RL and SL seperate. Not always easy! I apply the same moral compass to both. I would never say I loved someone in either if I didn't. SL is complex. It's a game I play to relax. It's also way more than a game. It's an extension of who I am. I wouldn't keep coming back if I didn't enjoy what it gives. And...I have a small number of special friends from around the world, who I value.
  16. That was me yesterday but after 12 hours in bed (asleep haha) I'm getting better..............
  17. BelindaN

    MESH stuffs

    Well, errrrr.......am I so transparent? Tee Hee! That's exactly what I was thinking........
  18. BelindaN

    MESH stuffs

    That's an impressive set of folders for dresses......*thinking*......?
  19. Yeah as Garnet says ^^^^^, and my very best wishes for whatever the future brings. Your avatar list is astonishing, I can hardly find time to run me plus one Alt, let alone a family like yours!
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