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  1. The only thing that matters to me is the time. I don't care where or even if the music is fringe..... If the time is ok I'll make every effort to go. See you all at Breakfast Club tomorrow. Oh and for the record I'm not European, I'm UK......hahaha!
  2. I had a FB account for a short time but they blocked it when I refused to add some personal info. So that was it, they got two fingers. I had to make a Twitter account in RL for a business launch, but now I don't go there as much as I should. I use flickr in my SL persona, which I didn't plan to do but just sort of happened. I guess the reason I don't use social media is that I'm not especially sociable in RL. 🤔
  3. I bought some stuff from the UK about 12 hours ago and it was fine.
  4. A while ago an older SL friend pointed me at a flickr group called "Second Life (Mouselook) - What it's like to be me" Oh well, in the end I had to do it...….. what to wear took longer than taking the picture...……..Pfffft! The group tends to be mostly adult stuff, which isn't my thing, but there are a few fully clothed mouselooks……… 👀
  5. The biggest barrier to regular meetings in SL is timezones. It's no coincidence that the avis I interact with the most are UK and Europe. When you also factor in personal time limits in world, it all gets complicated. I have forum buddies I IM a lot, but only meet occasionally. I also have friends who rarely come in world, but we always chat when they do. The Angels group, I don't chat very much, most are USA based, so we are not often in world together. We focus more on meeting up occasionally for photos. All of that is good! I don't often encounter UK avis in my travels,
  6. Ah yes......21.00hrs. Which is 05.00 UK time.
  7. Saturday is my busiest RL day, so getting in world at 09.00SLT is a problem. Fogbound is also superlaggy. What's wrong with the Hangout? Just asking....
  8. Oooh-kaeeee Yeah, land owners can do what they like.....I know that. But......I discovered a wilderness/beach sim a while ago. Perfect for superhero photo shoots. Second time I went, a new rule.... if no payment details on file you can't explore. I had my alt with me, who doesn't have pdof, so I waited for her to be booted. It didn't happen. Fine so far. Ellie went back yesterday as Lara Croft, and landed in a containment cell........a rectangle of yellow ban lines. Oh but wait.....you can join the group for L$400. I know it costs lots of real money to build a sim. Th
  9. I must have a hole somewhere, because I can't hold on to L$'s........ I just can't......🤔
  10. Join the forum Breakfast Club group and drop by on Sundays. You'll get to meet up with regular posters here, and you can watch local chat, even if you're shy.
  11. Take all this advice, and don't expect it all to come together quickly. It takes time to feel at ease in world, and how you look does matter. Maybe it shouldn't matter, but that's SL for you.
  12. This dress (Erratic Chiara) has turned out to be my tartiest outfit, so I don't usually go out in it...……… Hair is Mina Indy, shoes are Essenz Beverly Hills. But I'm bashing my inventory, and really getting it sorted out now...…...so while I was wearing this outfit I popped over to Bumrose Beach for a few pics. The Anim I use for this outfit is Vista Mimi, which is one of the provocative butt-swingers, but suits this look! And I caught myself looking for a fish in the third pic so had to post it! Bxx
  13. You think you got trouble? UK Politics is now in the "Wholly unfit for purpose" category, and has been for a while.
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