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  1. So I finally got the kemono avatar, and want to make skins. I decided to start off with a simple design, and old adoptable I made for my DA account that never sold.I'm hopeful the skin will sell, but I doubt it, because that takes time. Anyways, I'm looking for opinions on it, and instructions on how to put it up on the market. Also, I'm thinking of getting some full perm ears and a tail, but I don't know how to attach/rig them to the kemono body. Anyone know how to, if I do get them?
  2. Messed around with blender for a bit, I won't get the hang of it. And I haven't been finding any good full perm items for the kemono, let alone in my price range. I have 43 L$ lol
  3. I have not yet, and I'm sure I could, but I'd have to buy the product. I don't have anything to spare at the moment, and I'm concerned about the copyright and stuff.
  4. So I got the kemono avatar, and I am making a skin. BUT, it's a bunny, and I don't know what to do for the tail and ears. I have NO skill whatsoever with 3D modeling. Do I need to find a fitting tail and ear mesh off the shop? Do I need to make my own? I don't know what to do ack
  5. So, I want to earn some L$. I have a pretty good knowledge of art and 2d programs, and have made skins for other things. And I know lots of people want custom furry skins, but I have no idea how to make them. So my questions are as follows: Am I allowed to make custom skins in exchange for L$? Do I need a shop for this? How much does a shop cost? If someone wants a skin for a certain avatar, do I have to buy it, or can they provide me the skin file to edit? And lastly, how do I make skins? Sorry for all the stupid newbie questions.
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