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  1. Greetings SL Musicians/DJs My real life name is Avguste Antonov and my SL name is avguste. In real life, I am a concert pianist (avgusteantonov.com) and I was also an artist manager for 3-4 years. After a long hiatus from SL, I am excited to be back in SL and I am looking forward to using my knowledge and management skills to help fellow SL musicians/DJs in further growing their SL performing careers. For that purpose I am launching the Antonov Artists Management (AAM) Agency. If you are a musician/DJ and you are interested, please contact me in SL for further details and pricin
  2. It is the land/home given by Linden
  3. Hey all I have my land/home however for some reason it seems I am unable to build/drop objects. Anyway to change that? Thanks
  4. Greetings My name is August and I am offering French lessons. I grew up in France and I speak, write and read fluently. I can help you get started and/or improve your French skills. IM in French= L$300/30 minute session; in game voice or Skype voice= L$1,500 per 30 minute session. To sign up, please message me in SL. Character name is August Je vous remercie
  5. I speak, write and read fluently French. As far as piano, I teach on Skype and this gave me an idea...lol
  6. Not looking to buy Lindens. Regarding jobs and ways to earn Lindens, how about one on one lessons in a language or music? In real life I am a pianist, so also looking at potentially using my real life skills in SL.
  7. Hello all. Returning resident. I used to play like 10+ years ago and I am just getting back into SL. Just created my own house. A few questions: -what locations are hang out spots? -I am interested in earning lots of L$. What type of jobs are possible here? Any jobs we are not allowed to do? Thank you
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