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  1. Lol, the creator of this topic didn't replied to anyone
  2. Also, the pic is from the 1940's hahahaha
  3. Send me some pics of it :))) I would love to see them
  4. I like vintage stuff I would like for my avatar to look like Rita Hayworth or something like that
  5. I have been searching for quite a while now, but still, couldn't find anything to my 'taste'. Can someone tell me of some cheap mesh heads?
  6. I have just made my mind to start a 1950's inspired family roleplay. In this scenario, I would be the very polite, discretely seductive and very heart warming wife, of course...just need to find a person willing to RP as my husband now :)))) I don't expect this to be a 24/7 roleplay or anything like that because I too am not online that often but, honestly, it would be already good to RP a bit on the weekends or even in the afternoons of the work days. I live in Portugal by the way. Oh, I almost forgot, the nationality of this supposed 1950's nuclear family is yet to be debated about...yes, the most common usually is the american family when speaking of the nuclear family but, let's say, im an unusual kind of gal ^ ^ Hope my "husband" to be, agrees on having a 1950's inspired french family hahahaha Au revoir!
  7. I have been trying to work this idea out for a long time now but never with great success unfortunately...My idea was to look like Marie Antoinette in SL in order to develop a more 'accurate' roleplay. So please, if there's anyone experienced in the art of face applier making reading this at the moment and interested, please contact me inworld that I would be most delighted to discuss the matter further with you. Type of Mesh Head That I Have: Akeruka Mesh Head Lara; Types of appliers that I can use on it: Omega, akeruka and Logo; And, just to have an Idea of what im looking for...
  8. Bonjour, Empereur! How honored I am to have had the good fortune of meeting your Majesty at last^ ^ And yes, I think I would also like to know you too better...Just promise me that you won't cut my ghost's head off when Im distracted as an act of hatred. I would hate to pass the rest of eternity like that. Amicalement, Marie Antoinette
  9. ...The pictures are from the 1950's, and about Mad Men...I know it is based on the 60's, but It's first season takes place in the year of 1960 so, we see a lot of what the 1950's society looked like since it didn't changed much in just a year (sorry if I wasn't very clear). Also, cigarettes could be smoked everywhere by both sexualitys, a lot of women did smoke in public... But anyway, thanks for your interest :))))))))
  10. Im thinking about starting a 1950's RP. It is about time that we give new life once again to this glamorous decade in Second Life, one that will last… For those interested in joining me through this 'crazy adventure', send me an IM ((my SL account is: 'Laura Smith (sophiepotter94)' )), im opened to all sorts of ideas at the moment ? I love the 1950's so...Yeah! I was sort of thinking about creating a 1950's inspired advertising company, guess where I got the idea from……...'Mad Men'. Great show by the way, you guys should see it. It's on Netflix at the moment. Still, I haven't completely made up my mind so, surprise me with new ideas! ?
  11. These RP offers have been officially closed.
  12. During these past months I've been really crazy about the 1950's decade for some reason...I mean, it was such a glamorous time! This said, I have decided to start looking for a "1950's family" to RP with Please send me an IM inworld if you're interested in roleplaying as one of the following persons related to my character: - Mom; - Dad; - Brother; - Sister. ((I haven't decided on a specific age for my character yet but I plan it to be between 17 and 20. If you chose to be part of my family you can tell me your opinion on the matter relatively to what would work better for you i guess... Again, this is a very "fresh" idea so i will accept every kinds of opinions))
  13. ...When i replied to your notice i was still recovering from a breakup with my boyfriend but now were back together. Im sorry,
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